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Remembering Freedom

'Into Wonder'  I painted this a few years ago. I was trying to capture how I saw my youngest daughter approach life. Fully available, wide open to color and wonder. Walking into the void, full throttle, with excitement and pure presence. She had a little bear backpack and would fill it with treasures and run around her world in joy of discovery in her too-big footie pajamas, not quite right on her feet, but not caring at all. She embodied freedom and openness to all. I would watch her follow her older sister around and be so fully available for play, even if relegated to assistant, she was always a full-bodied, yes! I show this painting to my new piano students. I show them because I want them to see that I can embrace my amateur painting skills and share them, and to convey the essence of a new adventure in learning piano, and touching the excitement we all knew when we were so innocent to the world. This past week I had a chance to stay by myself in a yurt out in nature on th