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Word Graveyard

Photo by Valeria Boltneva on So many words of the English language I've dumped here. Writing, fast and furious, careless and arrogant about my ownership of the birthing process of sentences and paragraphs--so many word children, causing global warming, oceans rising, as those children drown, or spill over, screaming as they are launched over cliffs, and fall stuck into dark ravenous cracks, or perhaps some fall endlessly for eternity, into a lonely, bottomless and sinister abyss. Who knows what kind of monster I am? I've spent precious time in the fool's errand of going after these children, only to do the same with those I find. But I am an ignorant child, in a sandbox of letters, gathering up, filling and dropping them over the edge, digging up more for my consumption, then filling, emptying, digging some more; my dump trucks overrun with the same words many times over, filling drafts and drafts and drafts, poured back into the sand again, falling back in