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Yesterday I had a conversation with my brother. It has been five years since I have seen him or spoken to him. This lack of contact did not come out of any kind of fight, but rather two siblings very busy making their way in the world.

The interesting thing about this conversation, was that it wasn't a catch up meeting. In fact we didn't even ask each other anything about our current lives. We went right to the heart of the matter. Our creative hearts.

He expressed his passion of wanting to dive into learning the piano. He asked how long it would take to climb his pianistic Everest? I expressed my desire to write, for real! To take it as seriously as having lungs. To embrace it as a part of me, without listening to the part of me that makes me want to hide and keeps me limping. He told me my ability to play classical music was like lightening and his guitar playing and composing songs was a mere candle, and how lucky I was. I laughed at how I had always felt the opposite, tha…