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Allowing Miracles

    'Allow Miracles' painted by me. A most powerfully healing creative moment for me, perhaps ever!! I am blown away.  Here is the story: My younger daughter has been resisting cleaning her room for months now, and we have had many struggles. Her resistance has gotten so big, I had gotten to the point where I could barely ask her. Tomorrow she has a party, and it was time she finally pick up her room, only, this time, I couldn't even remotely imagine fighting the fight to get it done, which the last time left me angry and her lying on her floor having done nothing, even with my help. So, feeling anxious, and crying softly to myself, so done with this same old story, I went to paint.  She was so angry that I wouldn't help her, but I knew I couldn't handle being in her resistance this time. So, I just painted and painted, while she expressed pain and resistance, and I kept encouraging her to find out what her ten-year-old self was made of, for her to do it on her own,