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To Give the Moon

Moon, Stars and Swirls of the Universe painted by me My daugher has a little storybook called, My Mother Gave Me the Moon . It is a book of soft-edge, muted pastel illustrations of a beautiful mother and a very sweet little girl. Each page chronicles their journey together with the mother leading her daughter softly by the hand, and showing her the world. The weather in these pages is mild and welcoming, even in winter. The mother casts a soft glows one each page, as a kind of mother Theresa, who has so unselfishly dedicated her heart and soul to showing her child the wonder of this world, and the child receives her, in wide-eyed rapture, so receptive and joyfully prancing about her new world in awe. Reading this book is uncomfortable because, despite all my desires and wishes to the contrary, I haven't experienced motherhood in this gentle or dreamy way. The years of being a mother have often felt like more of a tugging and pulling from one moment to the next, in hopes