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Holy Grail

It has been a while since I have been writing here on this blog. I have taken for granted this little piece of soul real-estate, not able to fully accept how incredibly amazing it is to have the gift to be able to come here and to share the depths of my heart, and of my unique journey with those who might be called to read my words, and to share experience with me. Amazing how strong the fear can be, even when the heart of me truly knows, and has known for a long time, that we humans are here to fundamentally connect. All this posturing and pretending that we are not feeling lost and alone much of the time, yielding more and more fear, when all we want to know is that we are never alone!
It has felt good to finally admit that being a human is hard, if not damned near more painful that not being a human, especially when you've been all about exploring the fullness of this adventure in a body with emotions, and not really able to just numb out or field distractions from truly facing …