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Anchoring in Love

I am learning how important it is to cultivate our unique voice, rooted in love, and to show up and to let our voice be heard. It is our work, and I am learning that the forms it takes within each of us can be infinite. I am learning that the path isn't always linear, and in fact, might often be quite all over the place. I am also learning that there are ways that I can anchor the path. Meditation, writing practice, the arts, art journaling, slowing down, yoga, a walk or run in the woods, deep sharing with like-minded souls and deep listening, teaching and coaching, and, of course expressing gratitude, are ways that appeal to me and inspire me to keep showing up for what is most important and meaningful to me in this lifetime. I do recognize, however, that sometimes these ways will not work, and that sometimes the only choice is to wait out the pain, until it passes. I am learning that part of being human is to experience moments of waking nightmare, where for whatever reason