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Merciful Death

I am learning that there is nothing romantic about The Field . It is no placeholder for a cartoonish or fantastical happily ever after, where we all hold hands and sing Zipppity Do Da, or Kumbaya. It is a place that is as full of the most ravaging & thunderous storms, shape-shifting earthquakes, and flagrant destruction of newborn, as the calm after the storm, the freshness of the quenched earth dripping and steaming up from the warmth of the sun, which has unapologetically been absent, with landscapes flaunting obvious signs of new life. I step more and more into The Field , and I find the non-essential burning itself away, until I can barely recognize myself. Long straddling a place riddled with want, and a place that begs surrender to ask for nothing--finding the balance mercifully tipping a bit heavier toward the latter. My hope is that what remains when I fall into surrender, will be the makings of a freedom for which I realize I have not, nor could have truly ever given