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Welcome to The Field + Bloomtopia

This site has been renamed many times. It began as Wild Road, became Backdoor to the Moon, started a sister site called Soul Carving of unfolding fiction, which died because all the main character wanted to do was walk in the field, endlessly, and this freaked me out, that I might truly have nothing to offer creatively.

Now I see how perfect it was. The timing. The message.

I never needed to go anywhere--just open my eyes to The Field. I just needed to catch up to what was right there in front of me that I couldn't see, because of my endless questing, which really was a lot more like weak hope and pretty obvious apologizing (although not so obvious then).

I needed to catch up to my apologizing and see it for the stark monster I was letting it be, see why it was always there! And when I did this, I decided I liked my process. I could change names as much as I liked! This was my creative space!

How empowering. I've begun to not only like how it has all unfolded, but find it rather sweet. I like the messiness of it.

I remember my ex giving me this card. I still keep this one. The others have gone to a smokestack in the sky.

I think I've held onto it all these years, because there was a possibility of something so loving in it-- in embracing my messes, my zigzag paths, my perceived failures, my grammatical mistakes, my lack of landing and sticking to--and in the end, even after I've heard what everyone has to say about my perceived imperfections, not rejecting myself. Seeing myself as the artist I am, have always been, and deserve to be.

So, this time there is no apology, but just a name change, or a combining--or more like an umbrella-ing--or something like that.

The Field encompasses All

Bloomtopia becomes more of a subheading, just as Soul Carving is back as a blog featurette, with a whole lot of other titles that once had their own non-public destination, including a blog on mothering, called Delicate Little Blooms. So, it all comes together--begins to make sense to me. All in one place.

All the titles here aim to speak to less of a destination, but more to a place I can't quite name, and I am happy to let take them take the lead.

So, yes, The Field.

Rumi's Field is the only place I want to hang out, explore, inhabit, deepen into, open to, let instruct me these days--and so, it feels very much like the right title to act as the ground beneath, or the sky above, for all that wishes to unfold here.

Bloomtopia,  is perhaps realer to me than ever, as it has morphed into a version of The Field for those beautiful developing, young at heart, who are forever more, growing, learning, stretching and reaching into who they are destined to be--those who may want to explore the veritable Wonderland of meeting themselves and the Worlds within, to bring back what they've discovered to the real one. Bloomtopia has a whimsical feel for me, and has begun to inspire art and stories, so, we'll see what wants to emerge from this inner reservoir.

Down the side of the blog, you can see some of my favorite topics.

Everything is under construction at the moment, although I won't apologize for its lack of full-functionality. It is growing and developing and I can whole-heartedly and unapologetically be fine with that.

Thank you for those of you who have always been a friend to me on this bit of web Real estate.




  1. Love the new name, the vision it evokes and the permission it gives. Love to you!

  2. Wide open vision and creativity without the nagging judgments and put-downs. I love The Field, and what I love even more is that this is where I can find you. Sending love love love, sweet amazing Brooke!


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