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Welcome to The Field + Bloomtopia

This site has been renamed many times. It began as Wild Road , became Backdoor to the Moon , started a sister site called Soul Carving of unfolding fiction, which died because all the main character wanted to do was walk in the field, endlessly, and this freaked me out, that I might truly have nothing to offer creatively. Now I see how perfect it was. The timing. The message. I never needed to go anywhere--just open my eyes to The Field . I just needed to catch up to what was right there in front of me that I couldn't see, because of my endless questing, which really was a lot more like weak hope and pretty obvious apologizing (although not so obvious then). I needed to catch up to my apologizing and see it for the stark monster I was letting it be, see why it was always there! And when I did this, I decided I liked my process. I could change names as much as I liked! This was my creative space! How empowering. I've begun to not only like how it has all unfolded, b