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Running Free

Photo credit: J. Scott Bovitz I am noticing that in a sea of noises, of being jostled about, of many things vying for attention, underneath, and above, and through it all there is a witnessing energy. It is light, it is radiant, and it knows no bounds. It isn't blocked by bumping up into form, shapes that cast shadow and block light. It is everywhere. It permeates everywhere and everything. It isn't chasing and pushing. It is absolute allowing. I notice that it is what I am made of, but that I am most aware of it only when the rigid parts of me soften, when I step back from the story and see our human experience from the vantage point of an airplane window, when the cars take on a toy-like appearance, flitting about down long winding highways, completely dwarfed by the craggy mountains, and the people look like ants, going about their daily activities. It is a playful world, from such heights, filling the moment with childlike wonder that we could reach down and pick up

Pure Possibility: what needs to be expressed today

I have been feeling a little blocked around the blog lately, mostly because I've been stepping out professionally into the world. And something old and scared in me still feels like I must separate out the spiritual side and the academic side to be taken seriously. But something new in me knows that this couldn't be further from the truth, and that a reanimation from an integration of all the diametric parts of the whole in a person is what I most resonate with and value in my experience with people. I've always championed this! I love the courage to exercise a certain authenticity, to show up fully as ourselves, with all our many strengths, unique vulnerabilities, explorations and new found awareness of our biased perspectives, which makes us so juicy and accessible. Somehow I know that deep in my bones, our authentic and messy human experience is meant to be shared, that we are meant to cultivate a whole version of ourselves that doesn't ask us to hide or rework