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Firstly, just a quick note to subscribers. I am doing some housecleaning here at the blog, and am asking you to unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive posts in your inbox. I am tightening up the energy of support and engagement here, so, thanks for your readership and best wishes to you if you decide to go! For those of you who are staying, thank you! So glad you are here. I am excited about this era, and my plans for this blog.

Welcome to my age of Geronimo!

I am ushering in a time in my life where each day I picture myself jumping out of an airplane and the exhilaration one feels when they finally let go, or at the least have their hands pried off the frame of the door!

The forty days of writing taught me that showing up regularly didn't necessarily make resistance go away, nor did it birth all of the content I'd been waiting for, but it taught me the power of focus, and how what you focus on expands. It taught me a lot about myself and my blocks, and just how I perceive my world and act accordingly, like a good little sheep, for better or for worse.

It taught me about my all or nothing thinking, and how I kill ideas well before they are ever given a chance for first breath.

The Geronimo days are about me being my own kick-ass coach, my own boss--launching myself out of the plane, so that beyond my eyes squinched tight, and the deafness due to the sounds of my own screams, there is a moment of quiet, when the eyes peek open, and the screams stop, and the landscape below is revealed, beauteous to behold bird's eye view, and when the know-how kicks in; how to pull the cord for the parachute and to enjoy the rest of the ride, floating down until my feet find footing safely landing on the ground, but they have known flight! No longer nailed for fear of flying.

This moment in time is my extra gigantic leaps of faith, yes, airplane leaps, are into my creative life, into my work, into why I am here. This is my Geronimo! epoch!

These leaps will take place in all aspects of my life: work, family, parenting, relationships, finances, musicianship, creative writing, art, body, home, yard. I'm bringing it all here! Writing is the way I can navigate my current perspective, and perhaps celebrate it, and inch towards changing it for a more expansive outlook! It is time for me to truly get in touch with my relationship with my outside world after many years of looking inward. So, here I go!

And this is about a time, when it all slows down--in that place beyond fear when we see the landscape. See what is right in front of us. Present to what was always there, without all the noise.

I feel better when I am present. I feel more empowered. I see magic. This is about cultivating within that place beyond fear where there is vision. It isn't about self-realization as far as comparing myself to winners and losers and charting myself accordingly. Although, it is still a process of letting that kind of evaluating go!

This is about living the life I was meant to live. This is about sharing the parts that I do live that are rich and wonderful, because of the work I've done, to see what was in the way of BIG LOVE, and reconfiguring reality. This is extending this further and watching it expand.

This is about looking closely at where I continually fail to leap out of fear. This is jumping anyway.

Every. Single. Day.

And if the truth were told, this is a time of life or death for my spirit. I know too much not to move forward, and yet, the fear of a thousand years holds me back. It is time for me to call on my warrior spirit, that can move with the fear. This is about creating my own revolution within to without, so, the work I am here to do gets done.

I want to share it here, because I know I am not alone. I know I can't do this alone. Even knowing someone is out there makes me feel like I am on a team. I have to show up. I have to keep going. I know that writing for myself isn't as powerful as writing for an audience. I know that many of you are traveling similar roads, and that somehow by showing up here, we make this real, rich and possible, and we find ourselves at crossroads together, moving, moving, moving together, because this is what makes the life-force be felt streaming through us: reflecting it back and forth from one another, holding hands, leaping into the void, together--living this human experiment together--showing ourselves what we never deemed possible.

This is evolution, and after you let go of focusing on all the problems, you realize there is a game to be played here. It has whispered of creations from the beginning. The metaphor surrounds us at all times--everywhere we look. We are Creation, and it is time to function from there-- to watch all the rest of the unimportant stuff just fall away. Here is to permission to be exactly who we were meant to be. Here is to doing it together and finding mass healing of hearts because of our sane focus.

So, days of jumping ahead. I'll keep you posted.

XO Brooke


  1. Right here with you, Brooke. Embracing a big "yes" to the life of our spirit. I love you.

  2. I'm with you, sister!

    BTW we have finally moved to the Happy Hermitage. Much remains to be resolved at High Valley, but it is so good to be in this peaceful, beautiful place.

  3. Warrior friend, I can't wait to see what the brilliance in you creates next. I'm here cheering you on, shouting your name, knowing you can, celebrating your miracle gifts.

    I love you so...

    Gerrrrrronimo !

  4. Brooke, I am here with you ready to call on my warrior spirit and move with the fear. I am ready, even eager. I'm so full after reading this post Brooke. It is time to jump!
    You're beautiful.
    Love to you sweet sister.


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