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Reality Check

When I was little I wanted to grow up to be a mother. I used to dream of a little baby in a cradle next to my bed. I had the most magical feeling of resonance about that being my most wonderful role in life, and I couldn't wait! I knew there would have to be certain other aspects in place before I could be a mom, and although the idea of how wasn't as tantalizing, I assumed I'd get used to it over time.

I was so drawn to the world of children. I never was a child immersed in the children's world and actually making merry, I was a child on the outside looking in--agreeing with the ideals in a children's world, but not having the courage to be quite so free. I was always alert, watching for the problems in the world at large, analyzing the contradictions between the adult world and the children's world-- how far apart they were--wondering how I could bridge them, and feeling rather unsuited for the hugeness of the task. Nobody wanted to listen to what I had to s…


Sacred Water. You lead me home.

You wrap your fluid arms around volcanic uprisings, creating breathtaking oceanic chimneys, you allow for the spawning of new life. You dance with fire, together, for sacred creation, birthing new landscapes. You carve your way through anything, you go up and over and through, and nothing will stop you.  
My molten core, in its own uprising, no longer able to keep containable below the surface. You surround me. Forge creation. Here and in daily life.
I am the beauty and danger of Yellowstone.
The heat and rumbling under the surface must burst, give way to new topography, new life.
You've called me to your oceans. Over and over. 
You've spoken to me through your mist.
You buried one of mine on a hill, so, I could look out from his grave on the mountainside, to see your waves crest and fall, your endless churning, so as to stop me from even trying to make sense of his death. 
In Hawaii, you made me crave you through a window, so much so, that I a…


Firstly, just a quick note to subscribers. I am doing some housecleaning here at the blog, and am asking you to unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive posts in your inbox. I am tightening up the energy of support and engagement here, so, thanks for your readership and best wishes to you if you decide to go! For those of you who are staying, thank you! So glad you are here. I am excited about this era, and my plans for this blog.

Welcome to my age of Geronimo!

I am ushering in a time in my life where each day I picture myself jumping out of an airplane and the exhilaration one feels when they finally let go, or at the least have their hands pried off the frame of the door!

The forty days of writing taught me that showing up regularly didn't necessarily make resistance go away, nor did it birth all of the content I'd been waiting for, but it taught me the power of focus, and how what you focus on expands. It taught me a lot about myself and my blocks, and just how I perce…