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Day 9 in the Wild-erness

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Today there is a sense of focus and productivity that I have not experienced since I was in grad school. However, it feels different than grad school, as I was full of fear then. Right now, I feel like I am fueled with a deeper relevance of learning and growth that I have fostered and let in by jumping in certain ways out of the mainstream for a good while. This deeper relevance for learning directs me and keeps me focused on the productive thoughts as they pertain to meaning and purpose, vs. fitting in or upholding the status quo. It is keeping me strong. Yes, that would be the feeling. Strong.

What the future holds doesn't seem to matter. There is only here and now. There is only getting in touch with deeper knowings that seem to grow clearer and more sure, as I give them more space to rise up and exist within me. It feels like a knowing akin to the animal world, that knows how to find higher ground when there is danger of a tsunami. It isn't a knowing to be ignored or taken lightly, but can be a clarity hard to hear under the noise of a tinny world we have been operating from, devoid of deeper meaning, deeper relevance of connection and interacting that uncover greater sense of belonging and creativity. Like our consciousness is desiring to find, and perhaps reflecting the movement from muffled and blurry, to the clarity-of-a-pin-drop reception, or high-definition image of a television signal. Or even the source of a world wide web that is magically pervasive through WIFI. I can't help the feeling that human relationships are calibrating just like technology. They are reflecting one another. I hear this when I sit in a cafe and listen to conversations. There is much more depth and connection--more self-awareness and creativity.

Lately I've had the opportunity to hold the space for listening to a higher call in others in my work and play, for truly shedding old ways of thinking and being, and focusing into a whole new possibilities.

The more I hold this space, the more it takes root in my being.

The message is this:

Clear all that is in the way of Love.

Know yourself completely inside and out, and when you think you know, look again.

Find others who are rooted in Love.

Cultivate friendship. Talk about what is important, and nothing else. This is what grows you both. This is what opens you both. Stay focused. Communicate as though this is the last day on earth.

Ask those ready to share paths with you, fully rooted in love, how they see you.

Be ready to listen deeply.

Be ready to change gradually and let it be messy, but trust an organizing, healing and clarifying force.

Ask for support, even if it feels hard and unnatural. If your energy is clear, support will show up. If your energy is needy, support won't, and you will have to grow the parts of you that need to become stronger in order to garner a kind of support that moves mountains. Cultivate a new relationship with rejection. Watch Jia Jiang for inspiration.

Own your tendency for smallness. Ask who put that tendency there in you? And test it--would any great explorer or inventor, ie. Steve Jobs, listen to that voice if it was a person giving him advice?

Firmly dream into your bigness. Know why you are afraid of it.

Open to the idea that you know nothing up to this point. That awakening will make it all relevant.

Honor that you are here for a specific purpose and stop doubting it.

Lean into courage. One way to do this is to fiercely uphold courage to move in the direction of their dreams in others.

Share your journey and your story, and don't be afraid to share the difficult parts and the 'failures'. Cultivate objectivity and fascination with your feelings about your own story. Ask where you are in your epic novel of your life?

Share your courageous moments, and especially the parts of your story where you know something rings true, even if it is unpopular or impractical.

Pick small steps and move in the direction of your dreams, and show up fully.

Remain flexible and forgiving, but do not become too limp fish.

Finish small steps every day, but do not judge them. Just feel into their strength, newness, and feel into something that is doing the driving. Something that knows the best way to take a corner, to use the draft, and to finish the race with grace. hmmm, never noticed 'race' was such a big part of Grace.

I am beginning to see that we are all hear to realize our human potential, to rush through the gates, to find allies and support along the way, and to realize our dreams and gifts, and to bring them back in service to the whole. Joy in the sharing. Joy in seeing how they all fit together to truly move the organism of the human race to new heights.

So, achievement becomes not the false friend that we are all struggling to keep up to. Rather the saturated existence of competition and striving for being the best, points to a drive in each of us to fully express ourselves, to flex our muscles, and to drive fast and furiously toward our dreams, because it is in our DNA to become, to express, to share the best parts of ourselves, through incredibly awesome creations that move us toward connection, joy, release, creativity.

The balance in achievement and advancement comes from injecting the feminine knowing that we are here to achieve together, to support our mutual becoming, to embrace diversity and uniqueness, to work through whatever is in the way of the puzzle pieces of ourselves forming a grand picture, incorporating all the unique gifts we bring to the table. Focusing into possibility rather than into problem. Helping those who focus into problem, to be aware of this template from which they perceive the world, which only allows in problem consciousness. Seeing this propensity in ourselves. Moving past that together, not with condescension, but with the embracing of a higher possibility and patterning in our world and in one another that when given clear passage is powerful, self-propelling, and yearning to be brought out into fullness, into the realization of beauty, connection, self-and collective realization--a jump in evolution that begins where we find ourselves RIGHT NOW, and RIGHT NOW, and RIGHT NOW.


  1. Wow! Wow! Wow!
    Brookester, this is powerful...a post I will return to and re-read over and over again.

    "Focusing into possibility rather than into problem. Helping those who focus into problem, to be aware of this template from which they perceive the world, which only allows in problem consciousness. Seeing this propensity in ourselves. Moving past that together...."

    Oh how I need to focus on possibility rather than problem. It seems my default setting is set to problems and the moment I let my guard down my mind returns to the mud. Oink oink;) I soooo look forward to the day when my mind doesn't do that. Does it ever stop?

    I'm getting on a train tonight and heading to North Carolina where my youngest daughter and her family live. My bff lives there also, so I will be visiting—drinking in the love! I'll still be popping in here to see you, only not as much.

    Keep the momentum going. I'm watching, learning, and loving you!

    1. Funny, Leah. My dad calls me Brookester:) We are approaching more and more family, you and I! I need to re-read this post over and over too. It was certainly powerful to write, and very much an energy that I am become acquainted with more and more by upholding it for others. I don't think the mind stops, but I think when we let others in to guide us and help us, it becomes less conceivable that we really are just one big problem and an extension of them. I am getting it so clearly that we can't do this alone! I hope you have the best trip and visit with your daughter and BFF! Thanks for your encouragement:)

  2. I agree... even if we need to walk the path of discovering by our own, embracing the idea that there are others in this journey of becoming, strengthens the primal knowing that we are one. And from that place of deep connection and empathy we can open ourselves to what the other see in us and trust they help us take care of our blind spots.
    As you lovingly taught me...
    Thank you dear friend.

    1. Mmmm, Mercedes. So beautiful. You are a mirror reflection of me, and what I gift you are to get to know. I am starting to love that we have blind spots, and the only way we can begin to have a more expanded vision is to let others in to love us. Big Love to you.


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