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Day 4 in the Wild-erness!

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Just a quick check in today:) Lots of great ideas that I could dig, and possibilities for organization came through today! Very encouraging!

I am realizing how important the 15 minute allotment of time is. First, I know I can do anything for fifteen minutes, so it gets me to begin. Second, I am not overwhelming myself with hours of writing that inevitably spiral myself into frustration and exhaustion. Like doing an ultra marathon, when you haven't even done a 5k.

I used to sit down for hours to write, and by the end I'd be discouraged as I got mentally tired and would become more and more vulnerable to the monkey mind who had a lot of power to invalidate and talk me out of my ideas.

Writing for 15 and not much more than that is keeping me focused and fresh, and trusting that the process is unfolding just as it should. I also added a 5-7 minute brain dump, just to empty the mind a bit and to get focused.

It feels a little bit more like brainstorming, but it feels right. Certain ideas and characters are becoming more compelling and more into focus as I put ideas on the page.

Lots of organizational structure is revealing itself, and it feels like it may be the skeleton upon which the story can flesh itself out.

Very encouraged by both my readiness to stick with something and to let it have some life before I change course or shut it down!

Writing on the blog about the process is very helpful as well! Keeping me accountable for sure. Also, I am enjoying writing about meaningful topics on my blog again!

Sending love!


  1. Sending love back to you, beautiful girl. So, so proud of you for investing in YOU in this way. So, so proud of you no matter what.



  2. Brooke, It sounds as though the 15 minutes has become a fruitful investment! How exciting that things are starting to take shape and ideas are bursting forth. Let them flow and enjoy the escape that creativity offers. It ushers us to a place away from fear and limitations, carrying us up and out into the ethers of what can be. It is the best remedy for depression available and yet people spend billions on medicines and therapy. LOL!

    I've been doing a little painting/writing each day. I leave on Saturday for North Carolina for three week and then I'll be heading to Savannah for a week. I'm thrilled to be going. I will keep in touch though and keep writing/painting. It my umbilical to my heavenly home.


  3. Love the 15 minute idea. I find myself so much more distracted than I used to be, but yes I can manage 15 minutes. Yay!

  4. Love getting your comments here, dear ones! Means much that you choose to hop on here and take a moment for me:) Thank you for making this a special experience by leaving your mark here. I am so glad to hear you are making time for your beautiful creations! LOVE!!


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