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I want to know your story. I want to feel your story. I want us to sit in silence and let the exhaustion of this endless pilgrimage wash over us. I want us to share our many roads traveled, where we saw endings and beginnings--and realized we were no judge of which was what. I want to know how you've felt through it all, what moments stood out for you, and why-- what golden threads you may have found woven through your experience, that seemed to be leading you somewhere--those times you felt this close to finding home. Those times you shut down sure you were just another cliche--those times you were sure you weren't--that nobody was. I want us to meet in that place where our humanity collides. I want to know how you felt tethered to the spot by your mistakes and outrun by the monster of success, mostly of a nebulous 'Their's'. I want to know what you believed in that made you truly suffer, and I want to know how it grew you, how it made you yearn fo