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Wonder Sessions: An Invitation to Work with Me

I am a relationship healer.  Relationships include anything that we relate to in the world around us and within us. Relationships we have include relating to the people in our lives, to the natural world, to our work earning a living or our participation in community and world affairs, to our internal world and imagination, to our  ability to envision possibilities, to our concepts of spirituality or personal philosophies, to our creativity, and our soul expression, or  to our destined purpose in the world. This also includes our beliefs about money, time, and how we go about our day.  Our experience of living is made up of our relationships to everything outside and inside of us. Our relationships tell us everything about what we believe about our place in the universe and our deserving or our feeling a lack of it.  Each of us lives as a kind of symphonic composition of our relationships to the world within and without, playing melodies and harmonies unique to us