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Once Upon a Time...

Remember all my walkabouts?

Well, I have been stopped now for a long time, and standing at the edge of a precipice, staring down into the gaping space of the grandest canyon.

Full of the ghost of a wild and torrential river, that, with unapologetic fervor, carved steep cathedral walls, with a momentum so focused and powerful, that there was not the slightest worry as to how the ridiculously wise layers of sediment would paint the canyon. 

Echos of a leap of faith so giant, as to invite collaboration, deep, rich seasoning in the kiln--the finishing touches that create the story of touch and vision. The mingling of storm and strata. An invitation to see and re-see.

This wild ghost has been calling me from the depths of its very own memories, telling me how very very, very, worthwhile (as in all that ever really mattered when it came down to it), it was to remain steadfast to its creation as it galloped forward toward that moment when it would inevitably change form-- meet with the vastness of the ocean and be swallowed up into the whole-- but not before leaving in its wake, its perfect sculpture--carved by its very own full-body torrent,  breathed into full mast lungs, and streaming grace, swollen with life-blood, and supercharged to let nothing get in its way, not even fear kicking and screaming on its back--yet loving enough to reach back now and then, patting the little tufts of baby-fine hair, coaxing the little fellow to open its eyes and see the sights.

Unafraid to take up all the space in universe, no longer believing space was scarce.

To know itself, to know all others.

Soul Carving. It keeps coming back. It keeps coming back.

Today, I believe in miracles. Today, I allow myself to be a miracle.

Today I mingle and I move. 

Once upon a time...

 she took a giant leap into the void, only to take hands with the river.

 I'll show you what she made, who she met along the way, and the finishing touches
 that pointed to the moon.


  1. You are indeed a miracle Brooke, existing within endless space, visiting this place for a soul carving season, jumping into rivers and dancing with ghosts, calling those things that are not to come alive and join in the dance.

    Your presence here is exhilarating and edifying. I'm so glad you're with me here!

  2. Thank you, dear friend. Your presence is such a gift!

  3. My sister-friend...who listens to the wild ghost...who takes giant leaps into the void...who takes hands with the river. I will meet you the middle of that wild river...and girl! we will ride! :)

    Your writing paints beautiful pictures in my mind. Please keep putting words out into the world.

    XOXO, Barbara


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