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I have tried to find my words for 2013, but this year I find myself wordless. There is a sense that my 'word' cannot be named. It is an is-ness. More of a feeling. More of an opening. It flows through every living thing--untroubled as much by inhabiting a tree shedding its leaves, a flower having bloomed its last time, as much as it revels in bringing vibrance to a fuzzy new bud. It seems to hold the space we inhabit in form as well as speak to something that stands as a back drop for this comedy. There is one phrase that dropped to me from the heavens... I no longer chase conditional love.  I seem to hold this phrase gladly over my heart, as a prayer that I might be supplied the monumental courage to remain steadfastly true to myself, to learn about what that is and isn't. And my favorite part is how I feel that in that little phrase is what I have always been waiting for, an absolute freedom from conditionally loving.