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                                        Photo credit  J. Scott Bovitz Today I find myself more intent on listening to what wants to appear here, rather than forcing something on the page just for the sake of checking it off a list of accomplishments. I want that kind of forcing to die. That pursuit of a finish line-- that fleeting glory that keeps us blind, that rejects life as we are living it now--to which I've already given a fiery funeral , and mourned again and again-- too many times to count. I'm ready to let it die so that something else might live. One lives in light, the other in dark, and so it seems they only meet in shades of their own intensity, and must give way to each other. Makes me think of the movie Lady Hawk . Mmmm. I'd love to think that the light and the dark are lovers wishing to meet at their edges. Even so, I want to be surprised when I arrive at the finish line, be completely caught off guard, so much so, that I feel a burst of laught