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Mother of the World

In my dream I am screaming for my mother. It is an angry, powerful screaming. A furious demanding that she show herself, but not a desperate one. I am not weak. I am awake. I am not screaming for my earthly mother. I am screaming for a different kind of mother--and I am ready to open the door and let her in. I've begun to recognize this mother as the one we've all been crying out for. Our own mothers could not appease this cry. I've begun to recognize this mother leading us to her. We can't find her alone. I've begun to recognize that it is we who have kept her shut out. It is we who've forgotten that she exists. Little by little we are remembering--together. And the perfection of this. How seeing her would be through learning to see. A reunion. The perfect happily ever after, after the happily ever after. And when I finally found the door, I opened it, and invited her in. I was no longer afraid I'd burn up in her presence. I was s