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The Place Where We Finally Meet As Real

I've been thinking a lot about this place that is making itself known to me--that is becoming real as others begin to arrive with me here in their own unique way.

So what is the essence of the place--this little bit of soul-real estate--this Bloomtopia?

Perhaps it is simply the desire to name something, because it can't be pinned down. To capture something as real as a place, but that merely points to something underneath that we can't begin explain, because it must be experienced. A place we go to, whenever we are brave enough to let in a different kind of seeing and partaking of the world.

A place that encompasses both our soul world, and our physical world--with no need to leave our lives to get there, and yet, it requires the suspension of all our old ways of thinking to begin to feel it. It is often found when our hearts have been broken, and our lives have turned to ashes--when our world has been turned upside down, and nothing makes sense--when we are ready to deeply heal.

Best felt as real when we are communing with another soul--tired and weary, but brave enough to show up without any glamour, merely with an openness to letting in the love of another upon whom we're ready to take a gamble.

It is a place that allows you the space to really explore what makes you feel alive. What gives you a strong beating heart. It is the place you allow when you've crossed over the fears, and have begun to feel a kind of permission granted, but you know not from what or whom the permission comes.

It is a place of wonder, because rules fall away, and yet, it can be trusted, as an integrity rises up and shines out from this place.

There is an opening for something new when the pretending stops. When the discomfort is named and excused.

All this place asks is to let it gently caress our beings with new found strength and possibility, so that this little haven might rise up, stretch its limbs, become a little stronger on its feet.

And our greatest joy is to make way for it, with all of our being.

There are a lot of surprises in this place, circling round to the same old stuff, and realizing that you are changed truly and deeply, that you are no longer ruled by something other than the heart.

It begs that we express all of ourselves, to find ourselves loved for our dark parts, our weaknesses, our inability to navigate the heaviness of an old way of being, that holds no resonance, no reality, no mother's arms--no love. It tells us to let go, to wander willingly to our edges, and then to keep going--to take up the the space to twirl on unsteady limbs, to fall to our knees in exasperation, to lose the guilt of praying only when it gets hard-- to express our grief, to surrender to being held, and to accept nothing less than holding hands and moving forward.


  1. I love meeting you in this place, Brooke! Thanks for naming it so clearly and inviting us to find our way.


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