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Into the Fire

So many around me are expressing such deep, deep pain. Pain in the psyche, pain in the spirit, pain in the body. So many are sharing how their otherwise healthy bodies are feeling a soul-crushing fatigue. How they feel pretty terrible all the time. Some of them are afraid that there might be something really wrong, but the doctors can't find anything.

These same people are also expressing such frustration. They are expressing that they are DONE. Some are expressing that they are ready to die, if things don't get better, even if at their own hand.

I am so loving the energy that these dear ones are expressing.

What? Loving it? How could I love people being in so much pain?

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I see something much different than what appears on the surface to be a horror film in the making. 

I see the deep dark churning seas of their soul landscape. And it is awe-inspiring. 

I see a person who is arriving at a crucial moment in time, when NOTHING is comfortable, and therefore, nothing supports complacency. 

I see a person with an openness in their countenance, out of sheer desperation.

I see a person who is finally awakening to their absolute mind-bending worth.

I see a person who is in so much pain, that they've begun to shout about it, either in words, or in body language. They've dared to become aggressive. They've dared to show their hurt. They dared to ask for help.

I see a person who is feeling alive for the first time, which can be quite painful, as their lungs expand to full-capacity, to allow a first full breath. 


I see a reflection of me. I see a reflection of you.

I see life becoming something very precious as they make a decision that death would be preferable to such suffering, and as their voices rise in fierceness, as they throw life an ultimatum.

I see a growling mass of beautiful ones ready to shake up their relationships, unafraid to make others squirm, so finished with living life walking on egg shells

I see a new kind of anger emerging--not to destroy, but to heal. I see people who are finally waking up to the fact that they just can't take it anymore, that there has got to be more to life than this--and they express their wish to be let out of their self-imposed prisons, and to walk out into a new adventure.

This isn't any ordinary kind of anger about vying to be number one. This is survival anger. This is the anger of liberation. It is that last dramatic scene when the soldiers charge in for their lives-- bullets spraying at them, because they are tired of being afraid. Running for your life, or death, no longer writhing in the pain of not knowing. No longer willing to live afraid.

Notice those soldiers never charge alone. Notice how they run together in the end-- to live side by side, or to die side by side.

It takes so much courage, that sometimes, we can only let out this visceral humanness when we are feeling so miserable, when we are so sure that every force must be conspiring against us, that we charge. Then, and only then, are we desperate enough to move.

And we are surprised that, often, the vulnerable expression of our pain brings about something new, someone new-- something caring, something that can hold us, teach us, breathe with us.

I say that if you are feeling angry, you are getting right to the heart of your work here. Don't be afraid of it. Let it teach you.

This expression of anger is about bringing others on board, with fierce love. You know how to use this in a productive way. You know.

It is about moving in a steady and strong stream toward clarity. Unobstructing our connections so that we may do great things together, experiencing great joy along the way. It is about recognizing the loud or deadened ways that we hurt one another, and ourselves, and saying enough is enough. It is about leaving the table, round or otherwise--even the place at the head, and finding those who are ready to rebuild and rewire.

I believe that we are all asking for an energy of clarity to wake us up. Yes, even the 'mean' ones, and sometimes our voice has to be loud to get through! This isn't easy for us meek ones, but it is becoming easier, as we see its constructive nature. Yet, I am challenging myself to speak forcefully in one breath, and to throw my arms around in the next--or at least in the next one hundred!

Funny how when we express ourselves as the humans we are, without repression or suppression, it makes us stronger, wiser, and more compassionate. We begin to see everyone's story as our own. We cease to get bogged down in the details, but choose to ride the river together, and in that we find our helpfulness.

We let go of fear, and show up to really support and sustain. People show up for us.

We help to navigate the rapids. We forget about destination. We focus on keeping everyone in the boat.

I see a whole range of stories fueling an intense firework display of emotions in beautiful beings around me, and all of them are equally true, justified, right, even and especially when, completely contradictory to one another. 

I see how all our stories can be true and at odds. This is the secret to peace. We are all right.

I see how this world tries to create warring camps everywhere we look, but it only creates incompatibility for the moment.

We are always moving from perceived dissonance to resolution. It is our very beloved aesthetic--in music, and in our relationships. It might take time. Sometimes it is like Wagner--may not resolve for a very long time, so, don't hold your breath. Sometimes it is like Mozart, very soon and often--and sometimes it is punctuated over and over, like all those false endings in Beethoven:)

I see how our perceived conflicts challenge us to look more closely at one another--to develop a keen ability to see ourselves and others simultaneously--and how developing this is all that matters. It sets you free, and keeps you in the game, having a really great time!

Remember how it took something so tragic as 9/11 to bring the world together, even if just for a short while? Well, I believe that each of us is experiencing a mini 9/11 just being human--just living with our minds that are taking us down in every moment.

Let's meet at ground zero.

We are crying out for a connection that has meaning and sustenance. We are ready to really test the waters for permission to be who we are, and to be loved for who we are, right now--to move from being ships passing in the night, to jumping into the same boat!

We are ready to be shown that we have as powerful a part of ourselves wishing to live, as we do wishing to die.

After we've lost our allure for the darkness, in our deep soul excavation, we'll look to our right and left, and see a reflection of ourselves standing next to us-- holding our hands. We'll see how we were never alone, how we were all right there together, experiencing the same story, just in a different form. We'll laugh at how it was necessary to descend into the fiery depths of Hell, to see our flawed humanness, and to stand it, so that we might learn to see our pristine reflection in one another.

Bring it on!

I welcome the fire.

There is courage. There is movement. There is release. There is change. There is discovery.  There is vision.

There is light.

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  1. I love this piece Brooke because it embraces our humanity and our collective souls, showing that to be alive is to move forward, and that soul-crushing pain is often the usher who leads us onward.

    I received some staggering news yesterday about a loved one. It was like taking a sniper’s bullet to the heart. Today I sit at ground zero, the place where loss claims all things like the rushing tide against a single grain of sand. Reading your post reminded me of the truth—that I am not alone. I am a beach. I am the tide.;)
    Thank you Brooke.

    1. Dear Leah,

      Sending you so much love to help buoy you up at this difficult time. This is what we are here for, to be the brave ones that stand at your sides, breathing deeply in soothing rhythms--carrying you along.

      So much love,


  2. Oh goody- I look forward to it. Thank you.

    OF COURSE!!! We carry on in the rut until we cannot any more, and if the rut is comfy, then being turfed out of it is painful. My growth mooments come with birth pangs.

    1. Thank you for this, Clare. I am starting to really respect those birth pangs, and feel a deep love for what they open up, that if I didn't have the pain, I wouldn't pay near attention to. Thank you for being here. Look forward to hearing from you for your Wonder Session!

  3. Oh, how this speaks to the essence of everything for so many of us right now. Thank you for putting it in such powerful words. You're amazing.

    1. Thank you, dear Alia, for leaving your love here. YOU are amazing!


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