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Into the Fire

So many around me are expressing such deep, deep pain. Pain in the psyche, pain in the spirit, pain in the body. So many are sharing how their otherwise healthy bodies are feeling a soul-crushing fatigue. How they feel pretty terrible all the time. Some of them are afraid that there might be something really wrong, but the doctors can't find anything.

These same people are also expressing such frustration. They are expressing that they are DONE. Some are expressing that they are ready to die, if things don't get better, even if at their own hand.

I am so loving the energy that these dear ones are expressing.

What? Loving it? How could I love people being in so much pain?

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I see something much different than what appears on the surface to be a horror film in the making. 

I see the deep dark churning seas of their soul landscape. And it is awe-inspiring. 

I see a person who is arriving at a crucial moment in time, when NOTHING is comfortable, and therefore, nothing supp…

The Place Where We Finally Meet As Real

I've been thinking a lot about this place that is making itself known to me--that is becoming real as others begin to arrive with me here in their own unique way.

So what is the essence of the place--this little bit of soul-real estate--this Bloomtopia?

Perhaps it is simply the desire to name something, because it can't be pinned down. To capture something as real as a place, but that merely points to something underneath that we can't begin explain, because it must be experienced. A place we go to, whenever we are brave enough to let in a different kind of seeing and partaking of the world.

A place that encompasses both our soul world, and our physical world--with no need to leave our lives to get there, and yet, it requires the suspension of all our old ways of thinking to begin to feel it. It is often found when our hearts have been broken, and our lives have turned to ashes--when our world has been turned upside down, and nothing makes sense--when we are ready to dee…