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Soul Real Estate--My Little Piece of Immortality

Day Dreams, Lawton S. Parker ( 1868 – 1954) Just let me allow myself to be me, is the prayer that is the current gravitational pull of my thoughts. Been coming up against so many fences in myself--feeling that they are far too high to climb. Why it is so hard, however, is really because I am asking for more than just being able to walk tall with a name and face and a certain skill set. No rather, I am asking for a more divine quotient, Just let me be Me. This is a little harder to pin down. It requires much more openness and patience. It requires much more courage.  It includes the dark and the light. The whole individual, for better or for worse.  Much more challenging for me to give myself permission. Much more challenging to trust and understand just what wants to be expressed from Me. Much more risk in the execution (wow, do we really use this word for a following through of an idea, and when we behead people? No wonder I'm afraid!), and fear that I could fall to my de


Hello!  Hello! Hello!   Hello!  Writing on the internet-- the kind of exploratory and spiritually themed writings that spill from me--feels like I am addressing my parole up, up, and away, out into a cavernous abyss, playfully listening for my echo. Sending my words out into a time and space that I don't direct or control, and allowing the contours of that canyon, that have all the power in the world, to shape just how and when my words return to me: how they will sound, and how they will be received within my being. I have fallen in love with the precious moments that I began to hear my soul for the first time--when I was filled with wonder at how and when I came to know what I seemed to have always known, from the deeper reaches--something unnameable, unquantifiable, and unfathomable and yet, within my grasp. I have fallen in love with how every soul I've come to know along the way, holds this same wisdom, as if we all drink from the same fount. I find myself unapologet