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Beyond Imagination: Our Epic Treasure Hunt to Find One Heart

Imagine you'd grown up being told that every spark of admiration for anyone or anything, any feeling of love or adoration that sent rockets of joy bursting forth from your heart, were pockets of vital life-force, and that your life's purpose was to follow along these sparks, to gather them unto you, that they might fuel your being, and light your way.

Imagine you'd been spurred to follow each burst of luminosity as though inching across a string of Christmas lights, and that in the following, your path would be illuminated with rich meaning, and deep heart experience. Your path would ignite deep gratitude, compassion, empathy, and forgiveness for others and self, teaching you how to love in a balanced way, and most importantly, how to let love in.

Imagine you'd learned to trust that following this golden thread would reveal heaven on earth, creating the perception of a loving world, because love was always to be the primary focus-- pointing to the greatest source of joy you could possibly imagine: the strong beating heart of a loving universe, giving breath of life to every flame.

Imagine you'd been told to remain curious, that in each spark of light were important clues to the gifts you'd bring to the world, and that in the sharing of these gifts, you would find certain joy. This joy would in turn become the vital key with which you would unlock your ability to deeply receive and celebrate the gifts of others.

Imagine you'd been told that there was nothing you need do, but journey along, and trust that you couldn't miss the sparks external, as they would be mirrored within your being, as sensations within your body, which you'd discover to be your perfect communication system, as your body joyfully reverberated with the resonances of truth and love. This mind, body, spirit connection would be your perfect gauge of your openness to letting love in.

Imagine you'd been told that you would experience seeming limits to the amount of light you could gather in-- but that from your very first human steps, you would know a process of re-calibration active within your being, ever increasing your capacity to hold more and more light, until you could trust the flame to warm you, rather than to burn--and that this process was unfolding without any intervention from you. Imagine you'd been told that you could trust that we were all being given the perfect doses of light, no matter how bright or dim they appeared.

Imagine you'd been told that sometimes the light would appear hidden, that sometimes it would even look extinguished, but that this was normal. Imagine you'd been told that it was perfectly natural to shut out the light, and to experience others doing the same, but that in truth, it was impossible to lose your way--that you need only find the courage to open your eyes again and again, and each time you'd find your vision transformed, allowing you to see what hadn't been available to you through veils of fear. Imagine you were told that this process of opening your eyes would be heavily supported, that there would be the perfect ones to remind you of your vast courage, and your unyielding desire for truth. 

Imagine you found out that everyone was on this same treasure hunt, following the sparks-- wandering nomads through the night sky, weaving pathways of light so diverse, as to create the most splendid constellations-- myriads of light displays as you intersected with those who were written into your story, as if to join in a playful dos-a-doe, never fully fathoming that your destinies, that seemed so separate, were intricately connected.

Imagine you'd been told that you would experience much release and ease if you merely told the truth as best you could about what you were experiencing, sharing your fears, doubts, vulnerabilities, joy and pain--allowing yourself to feel upside down and inside out, and inviting others in to see you at your worst. Imagine you'd been told that these humble moments of nakedness were sacred, imbued with the power to crack you wide-open, and let the light of love stream in.

Yes, just imagine that all this is what you had always known, what you'd been taught to cherish at the very core of you--to mold, and to play with, to sift through your hands until the sands became seeds. Just imagine...

Dear ones, it is up to all of us to remind each other of something forgotten, that we are beginning to remember, little by little--and in this recognition, seed a new earth, igniting gorgeous possibility-- making precious space for our hearts to thrive, for our eyes to shine with the joy of remembering.

What if following the sparks of our love is the most important thing of all, because each ignition equates with simply allowing ourselves to fall in love with life, which in itself, acts as sunlight drawing out that which most wants to blossom within us? 

What if the simple act of sharing the landscape of your heart, coupled with the intense and steadfast courage to let others in, is how we remember? 

What if this sharing of our love stories, honoring our unique perceptions of the heartscape, points us to the heart in each of us, and to one strong heart that beats for all of us, that we can only know by letting our stories reach out and hold hands?

What if this joining is all that is needed to birth our most treasured creations, to infuse this world with life and color through our creative processes, settling us into deep joy and ease--the ultimate release--dancing on a splendid foundation of treasured connection.

Seems that if following the sparks yields such precious joining, all you'd want to do is examine everything that lights up your life, inspires you, or stirs passion in your heart! Seems you would study what you love and admire, from every angle, as clues to your very own inner beauty, and as a map of the world around you. You'd look with a microscope and a bird's-eye view, knowing that these sparks of love were the soul's way of bridging your heart with the world you live in. 

Dear ones, when you feel that drop of sunlight making its way to you, catch it, hold it in your hand, and look deeply through it, to see what message it contains for you. What does it say about your heart? Would it like beat stronger, would it like to become softer around the edges, would it like to step boldly in the direction of your dreams?

Let this light warm you open. Let this light unearth your vulnerabilities!

When you are unraveling, feeling your weakness, your deadness, invite others in. Let them help you to see what your pain is pointing to, and where you are not free.  You will in turn help them to understand the landscapes of their hearts. You will enable them to learn how to love. You will learn and you will teach how to let love in. 

Let love and compassion help you to begin to fathom freedom. Let it beckon you from your cage, and keep you from seeking further imprisonment.

Our vulnerable parts, might just be our most important parts. They blind us from seeing certain splendors in ourselves, and invite us to seek parts of the puzzle from others. As we break down our barriers and open to let love in, we learn that we are safe and loved. Our perception shifts from spinning stories of fear, to softening into trust, that the monsters were never there in the way we imagined them. 

Do you dare to bare your soul? Do you dare to tell what you love,without it making sense, being logical, or popular?  Do you dare to speak your heart to another, embracing the dark and the light within you, and within them, with an openness that might make you both squirm?

Are you brave enough to tear open reality and step through into a new realm of beingness with one another, where you can be all of You? Where you understand that all of us are selves in process? Do you have the courage to share the heart of you, because there is a time that you remember, a song that you recognize that sings of a love and connection so sublime, as to create a new world in the blink of an eye?

Can you imagine your courage backed by certain strength, as you take that leap of faith? 

Mostly importantly, how long will you settle for anything less?

If you are ready, tell the Universe to bring it on!

And imagine no more!

As featured in March issue of Wild Sister Magazine


  1. I'm celebrating you, my dear brave friend! Here's to new, blooming, full of wonder beginnings! We can't possibly imagine what is going to continue and continue to unfold.

    We are ready!

    Here we go!

  2. Julia, you make me feel brave and purposeful. What an amazing post. The light is there to guide and love us especially when we can't see or feel it. Imagining all those beautiful things this morning has filled me with hope and love for what is. Thank you my honest friend for your bold beauty in words and deeds.
    I love and appreciate you girl!

  3. Now we have been told! You are telling us, inspiring, and encouraging us. Thank you, dear Brooke. It is good to have Bloomtopia blooming in my mailbox!

  4. I love this, Brooke! What wonderful imagery and a beautiful message. Thank you!


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