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Beyond Imagination: Our Epic Treasure Hunt to Find One Heart

Imagine you'd grown up being told that every spark of admiration for anyone or anything, any feeling of love or adoration that sent rockets of joy bursting forth from your heart, were pockets of vital life-force, and that your life's purpose was to follow along these sparks, to gather them unto you, that they might fuel your being, and light your way. Imagine you'd been spurred to follow each burst of luminosity as though inching across a string of Christmas lights, and that in the following, your path would be illuminated with rich meaning, and deep heart experience. Your path would ignite deep gratitude, compassion, empathy, and forgiveness for others and self, teaching you how to love in a balanced way, and most importantly, how to  let love in . Imagine you'd learned to trust that following this golden thread would reveal heaven on earth, creating the perception of a loving world, because love was always to be the primary focus-- pointing to the greatest