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Happy New Year! 2012!

Can't believe it is almost 2012! 2011 just flew by! If you are local, come and celebrate at Bombs Away  with very talented local musicians ushering in the new year,  audiophilia . I can't wait to hear them again! This is going to be a good year! I can feel it! Sending love!

Happy Holidays, and some thoughts that I didn't intend to write, but that I'm glad I did.

Happy Holidays! If you haven't seen the movie, Finding Joe , you might want to treat yourself for an after Christmas present. Especially if your interest is peaked by the work of the great Joseph Campbell. (For those of you local, you can find it playing at the Darkside  Cinema (not for too much longer)). Worth taking a trip out, to learn about and delve deeper into the hero's journey. You can also watch it online , but call me old fashioned, there is something about actually leaving the house to enjoy a work of art! Also, I loved this Ted talk.  I think this talk speaks to bigger picture thinking, and perhaps looking at all variables as we heal our lives, our bodies, and our hearts. Here are some of my culminating thoughts at the end of this year: IT IS ALL ABOUT BEING ABLE TO CONNECT WITH ONE ANOTHER, SO THAT WHAT LIFE WE DO LIVE, IS EXPERIENCED WITH SUPPORT, RICHNESS, HONORING-- WITH AN ABILITY TO LOVE AND RECEIVE LOVE

The Epic Interview Part 3

And the conclusion! Many thanks to readers, and to author, Elizabeth Cunningham, for sharing herself here. If you haven't picked up her book, Red-Robed Priestess , hopefully this interview has peaked your curiosity. Brooke: Maeve has moments where she can't remember things, or is a little lost about where she is. Do you think this has more to do with her aging, or her feeling her freedom from the past? Do you think there is a difference? Do you think genuinely forgetting is a necessary part of living in peace? Elizabeth Cunningham.: When she rides west to return to Mona, Maeve experiences a sort of loosening of identity. She is radically alone, no one’s mother, lover, or friend. She says when she lived in her hermit cave she felt the company of the dead and living from her past, but for a time even this orientation falls away. When she lives on Dwynwyn’s Isle, taking her place, their identity is temporarily merged. The story doesn’t offer an absolute explanation. It is partly

The Epic Interview Part 2

Hello all! Here is part 2 of the epic interview with author Elizabeth Cunningham, kicking off her new novel Red-Robed Priestess! Enjoy! Brooke: One aspect that pervades Maeve's journey is a sacred quality of being present in the moment. As I read, I have the sense that Maeve is at home wherever she is, even though she is almost always traveling, even though she doesn't necessarily know where home is anymore. I am aware of her being intimately aware of her surroundings at all times. One of my favorite moments is when Maeve is journeying on her horse, Macha, when Maeve merges with the Whole of her surroundings. "Macha plunged forward, a warm-blooded ship, riding her own waves. And I felt something tightly coiled loosen in me, unravel and stream behind me on the wind, till it became a high cloud, not even mine anymore, just a part of a sky that was always changing." How is it possible that Maeve is able to stop and smell the roses, so to speak--feel the softness of nat

The Epic Interview with Elizabeth Cunningham! Part 1 of 3

Here it is folks! The epic interview with author Elizabeth Cunningham, which will be posted here in three parts, the following two, which will appear next and the following Thursday on this blog. It was such fun to be able to formulate meaningful questions relevant to my journey, and to have the opportunity to delve deeper into Elizabeth Cunningham's powerful conclusion to The Maeve Chronicles,   Red-Robed Priestess , and into the character of Maeve Rhuad, the feisty, Celtic Mary Magdalen. I am sure you will adore reading Elizabeth's responses as much as I did. I found myself underlining and starring them as much as I did her book! Enjoy! If you want a play by play of this tour, scroll to the end of this post for details. Be sure to friend Maeve Rhuad on Facebook, or head to Elizabeth and Maeve's blog . You'll find a treasure trove for fans of The Maeve Chronicles, as well as beautiful details and insight from the author Elizabeth Cunningham-- enriching content for r