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Here. Now.

I am Here, present, right here, right now, and now, and now, and now. I haven't often been Here. Once upon a time I had never been Here. It was a destination completely unknown to me. I heard talk of this place, but it was like that country I knew I'd never travel to, mostly because I probably wouldn't have the time, the money, or frankly, the desire. Scared of the natives. Didn't want to be a stranger stranger.

I danced around this place called Here. I can say danced, because I am Here right now, and this place is only loving. From any other destination, you might have called it running scared, jagged attempts at walking a straight line, a desperate plight to connect the dots to find the answers. It feels like living in a sealed glass jar, banging your fists and screaming at the top of your lungs, seeing everyone and everything just outside, but nobody can hear you--or worse, you believe they can hear your, but are ignoring you.

These days I am catching myself doing t…

Are you hungry? Whetting your appetite for author Elizabeth Cunningham's: The Maeve Chronicles

In honor of Elizabeth Cunningham's new book release, Red Robed Priestess, I am reposting this little ditty that was in honor of The Passion of Mary Magdalen, which is the second book in the now four book set that comprises the Maeve Chronicles. (Now if anyone could just get this to the right screen play writer, and visionary to get it on the big screen, that would be the best--now that it is complete, it is time!!!!)

This is one of my favorite posts I've written, because of how deeply I felt the truth resonate through me in this moment in Elizabeth's book, and how joyful and effortless it was to write about it and express appreciation. TO me, this is what art is for. Enjoy.

There are those sacred moments in the illusion of time when you have no doubt that you've encountered someone in your life that feels beyond the scope of the ordinary, that through contact with them or their creations, you find yourself shifting in a profound way. You know on some level you can never …

A title that would express that everything before now was a mere shadow of living, that life has just begun, and that the sheer amazingness of it all is nothing short of mind-blowing

Hello friends!
No I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, although, life sure does feel differently these days--like maybe I did wake up on another planet.
I've been on this blog for a couple years now, but it feels as if I've just begun to really write on here as truly me, as of the last month or so. The rest of this blog feels sweet and precious, but too careful and flavored with apology for my taste--like I was tiptoeing around, being brave in the safest ways, just enough to tell it like it is as best I knew, but leaving much of the juicy parts out. I see that I was steeped in wishful thinking. Now I feel like I am taking big bold steps in faith.
It is like I have finally reached a density of self heavy enough to withstand the fear hurricanes that would blast through here, keeping me forever scavenging for safety, and finding only the most pathetic shelter. Now the hurricanes feel like a fly buzzing around my nose. They piss me off, but they are nothing a fly swatt…