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Connecting the dots

Feeling like returning here, to splash on the canvas.

Feeling curious about the creative process--how it can be so full of energy and the next moment it can be gone.

One of the things that blocks my writing so much is the fact that in the end, nothing really seems to matter, not the stories, not the big ideas. The music ends, the sun sets.

So, the creations feel so fleeting. They have their moment, and the moment is over.

The part of me that gets this, doesn't feel much like adding to the millions of creations, just for a small moment in the sun. I want to get to the heart of what is really important, not spend precious moments of this short life in an effort to entertain, even if just myself.

I have high expectations for art. I want it to change people in an instant. I want it to open up the closed parts. I want it to free us-- to create oneness--to help us remember.

Am I focused on fixing what is broken, or is there a higher vision at work here?

Yet, the nature of the world is fleeting. So, to plug in would be to accept this ephemeral nature. To find this nature meaningful may connect us to what is greater. I get that too.

What am I missing here?

Bottom line, I've never been able to do anything that hasn't had greater meaning in my perception. Greater pursuit for a love that knows no bounds--the possibility of lifting us into another dimension of being, because we are changed by experiencing what we couldn't fathom before.

Perhaps it is creating that opens up channels within ourselves, to grow our experience, to carve a path for experiencing something greater. This notion would make creating meaningful.

So, can I just embrace that my brand of creating, is unable to be disconnected from a bigger process of the soul underway?

Yes, I've hinted at it here. Ready to listen, see, feel, smell, touch--commune through the senses, with something there under the surface. To understand something that is being lived, but isn't directly visible.

I've kept this place secluded, afraid of being labeled crazy for visiting this place, even though I know that we all know this place to some degree.

But this place gains territory in my inner landscape--time for it to join the rest of me.

I read Jung, and sometimes he makes me think that it is okay to feel that there is something more.

I sit down to create and messages come through my writing that whisper of a completely different kind of reality than the one I've been able to conceive of through my limited scope of understanding.

Yet, I resist these whispers, for fear that I am merely running away with my imagination.

Then I read in a book that jumps off the shelf at me, that says quite magcially, beingness thrives in the imagination, that imagination dances with the soul.

I read that without metaphor, culture is meaningless. I read that life is diminished without metaphor.

And somehow I know that this journey here, at Soul Carving, has been about stopping and starting, musing, wondering, letting go, and coming back. Because it is through this beloved creating that the art begins to find its medium, its form, its story.

My experience and my creations could never be disconnected, because art without life swimming underneath it, has no meaning, has no reception. This is my soul's whisper (more of a shout these days).

Just as life without art, and the rich metaphor art brings, doesn't complete the picture.

So, that must be why I am so determined to bleed myself into my creations. I just don't have the choice anymore, to abide in separate worlds.


  1. Brooke,
    Honest, powerful woman.
    With high expectations of art
    and depth, sincerity, heart full of
    seeking and knowing and letting go,
    moving away, coming back, dropping in
    to say hello. I love
    All of it.
    P.S. I'm finally listening to
    How a Powerful Woman Awakens.
    It's *great*


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