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Waking up! An invitation to Soul Carving!

Isn't this little guy lovely? Recently saw him at a store. He seemed to be telling me that all was right on track with the carving of his soul, and mine too!

Dear Readers,

I am very excited to extend to you an invitation to participate in my new creative experiment Soul Carving!

I have a little fear and trepidation, like what if I am taking a flying leap into the void, right into a brick wall?But I am leaping anyway. I am beginning something that has been nudging at me for some time! There is the feeling that I just have to do it! What a beautiful feeling, to just have to move anyway! And isn't fear just an integral aspect of excitement?!

Immediately after posting my last blog post here, I was flooded with a clarity of what my soul has been wanting to do next. So many things came together, and I began to understand what was wanting to be born.

So, if it calls to you, I would be honored for you to join me and my unfolding creation at!

I am including here the segment A Note to the Reader, from my new site, as this explains just a little bit about what is in the oven!


Thank you for all your loving support and encouragement to keep me moving with this process! You kept the creating resting in my heart, and mostly out of my head, which has been so important in giving it wings!

Sending so much love!


A Note to the Reader  from Soul Carving

After a long Wild Road, I felt inspired to explore a more creative side of myself and my spirituality, to write into places that have been beckoning, but that require a more creative writing platform. The mission of Soul Carving is to be a living, breathing, and ever evolving creative experiment; sentences and paragraphs running rogue, frolicking between the worlds, and within them, leaving a gratuitous mix of fact and fiction in their wake.

Therefore, there are the tell-tale signs of an unfolding plot.

If following a story is what has drawn you here, then you might begin your reading at the first archived post, or you may wish to just dive into the depths, and let it speak to you in its own way.

This concept of writing by the seat of my pants, was born out of a deep desire to share my brand of art, and to develop it in real-time, freely, with an interactive audience, just as my painter friends might showcase a new painting.

If you know me well, you'll recognize this going out on a creative limb, as a solution to my paralyzing problem of killing my creations in the editing process, long before they could ever be born (Think Michael Jackson redoing his face). So, only time will tell if this is also a kind of medicine.

The title 'Soul Carving' came to me in the moments between dream and wake. There was a power associated with this title that forced me to grasp in the dark for a pen and paper. I have spent the past few years catching up to it as a creator, and I am so grateful to have finally have found the creation upon which to bestow this born-from-the-depths title, that somehow holds so much meaning for me across my strata of is-ness.

I extend a deep gratitude to anyone who participates in my creating here, in any way--as reader, bestower of comments, or occasional passerby. I have learned that my creations are given life and energy by sharing them, not by hiding them or saving them for some big unveiling, and I deeply thank you for being out there on the receiving end.

Oh, and any similarities to anyone living or dead is probably not coincidental, but you'll have to take that up with the universe.


  1. Brooke!

    Interesting! Wow. A really unique title for your new adventure, and it is something that I will be following you on wholeheartedly, my soul listening closely for the telltale whispers.

    Thanks for this tantalising introduction to your Soul Carving, and I can't wait for more!


  2. Hey Brooke,

    Your not gonna believe this but I'm writing this reply to you completely starkers because I was about to have a shower. Please dont get the wrong idea or Elloa may be doing some soul carving of her own.
    Great to have you back my love. It's like you have never been away. Looking forward to reading your new blog and celebrating this wonderful journey with you.

    Love Nige


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