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Soul Homecoming: Feel

What a trip, to have arrived here, to have been welcomed so warmly, to have traveled far and wide with my Soul, only to experience intense seismic activity in my outer life--the one where I play a single mom to two little girls, where I am seeker, friend, daughter, ex-wife, and completely oblivious in moments that I don't have to see red.

Truth be told, it was hard to come to a screeching halt after riding a Road Wildly for so long. The bumps and wild turns were becoming habit. 
And the most intense struggle ensued--hanging on for dear life to the mane of a wild steed, fully intent on bucking me off! 
In perpetual earthquake mode, in the land of me, I have had some of the most intensely beautiful and dark moments I've ever experienced. Mostly there has been the powerful sensation of being torn in half, as two clear choices have been presented to me simultaneously in each and every moment. (Something thorough about getting real with the heart of things).

Do I want outer conflic…

Soul Homecoming: Taste

I am riding down a long escalator, so long, that I cannot see the bottom. Stark white walls tower high above me, boxing in the escalator.  The only light is pallid and comes from rectangular windows far too small, and far too high up to light the space adequately.

As my gaze becomes less focused the walls appear to close in and then move back out, like jagged breath.

I am suddenly aware of a woman riding several feet behind me. She sits on a step, exuding a charged energy, coupled with a sense of relaxation. Her hair is a beautiful flaming auburn and frames her face like a lion's mane. She wears black horn-rimmed glasses, a fitted woolen red dress that extends mid-thigh, where long black stockings take over, extending to her feet. She has a colorful scarf around her neck, and a pencil tucked behind her ear. A black satchel rests up against her side.

We sit together in silence for a moment riding down the endless set of moving stairs.

I finally break the silence.

"Do I know…

Soul Homecoming: See

I am lying on my left side and spinning in an electric blue light, curled up in a fetal position. Round and round I go, until I hear melody as a ribbon on the wind, drawing closer, becoming clearer; soothing, multi-dimensional, like many voices sounding as one.
Suspended in sound, tickled by vibration, I stop spinning. I experience the sensation of the sound holding me, surrounding me like water, pressing, molding, filling.

It isn't possible. Sound can't hold me. Logic weighs in from the more solid parts of me.

A release and I fall fast into darkness.

Something catches me, peaceful, like falling under the effects of anesthesia. I reach out my hands to get my bearings, but there is nothing to hold onto.

I sense a presence as I float softly down and settle onto something solid.

"Who's there?" I whisper

There is a faint blur of autumn color. It throbs as if part of my body, as a dull sensation of pain, and simultaneously as memory.

I weave my fingers through soft cold b…

Soul Homecoming: Hear

We ride for a while within the watery depths. I can't see what carries me, but I know exactly what it looks like. Its shape is that of a large dragon, and it glides with power and certainty, until it gently lands, becoming a soft mist around me.

Before me a little girl kneels before a plush velvety couch, sherbet orange in color. She is sporting jeans and a navy shirt with thin red stripes. The sleeves descend just below her elbows. Her hair is pulled up high in a ponytail, and it bounces to and fro as she manipulates something in front of her.

There is something soothing about the noticing of these details that orients me, drawing me in and at the same time nudging me to remember.

The little girl is reaching her hand in a large plastic funnel-shaped object and removing colorful shapes. After removing several, she reaches in making a sweeping motion with her hand, but her hand is empty when it reemerges. She turns the object upside down and shakes it to make sure that nothing remains…

My Eden

I'm not quite solid at the moment, a weak transmission caught between worlds.

I find most of me materializing upon this great mountain, the warmth of the sun filling the spaces between created by my fluid state.

There is no pressure to materialize fully.

There is a slowness. There is a feeling of well-being.

Childhood memories waft through my consciousness, creating subtle texture to this moment, as if time just wraps its arms around itself in a tender and knowing embrace. As if this is the heart of creation.

The memory is of waking at my grandmother's, just before dawn. Cool mountain air caressing my cheeks, and my body relishing the warmth under the gentle pressure of layers of blankets. My ear tunes to the sounds of a river, just yards away from my grandmother's house, carving its watery highway down the lush valley of the swans.

There is a knowing that sunrise is imminent, and that very soon my grandmother will be stirring.

My eyes close themselves as I sink back into th…

Waking up! An invitation to Soul Carving!

Isn't this little guy lovely? Recently saw him at a store. He seemed to be telling me that all was right on track with the carving of his soul, and mine too!

Dear Readers,

I am very excited to extend to you an invitation to participate in my new creative experiment Soul Carving!

I have a little fear and trepidation, like what if I am taking a flying leap into the void, right into a brick wall?But I am leaping anyway. I am beginning something that has been nudging at me for some time! There is the feeling that I just have to do it! What a beautiful feeling, to just have to move anyway! And isn't fear just an integral aspect of excitement?!

Immediately after posting my last blog post here, I was flooded with a clarity of what my soul has been wanting to do next. So many things came together, and I began to understand what was wanting to be born.

So, if it calls to you, I would be honored for you to join me and my unfolding creation at!

I am incl…