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A New Chapter

Photo by Lyn

It is the wee hours of the morning. The moon is full and bright.

There is the promise of a new day, a new dawn, and the familiar pitter patter of little feet, who will be getting up and getting ready for school.

This is on the surface.

Underneath, within a deep sea of being, there is something else taking shape, and signaling itself ready to be born.

All I can do is breathe deeply, and listen--feel into the movements, the sensations, and wait patiently for my understanding to join my intuition that says ever so clearly, it is time.

The energy is very patient--merely waiting for my readiness to grasp the form.

It is the third morning in a row, where I have woken with a deep knowing--the kind I've learned to trust.

And it tells me that Wild Road is now complete-- the journey has brought me to a destination.

An arrival.

I have come up against the gates, the moonlight as my guide, and I am welcomed in.

A place of rest and renewal.

I let myself be taken in. I receive food and drink.

I freshen up after my long travels.

I settle in for a while.

And when I've rested up-- when I understand why I am here-- when I can finally step outside and describe the surroundings, the bustling of activity that comes with morning, I will invite you in.

So, my back door to the moon, turned wild road, will rest in cyberspace as the springboard it has been, to discovery-- as a brave and mighty path ventured out upon.

I tuck Wild Road in, and turn out the light, and in doing so, make room for something new.

I honor it for all that it has been, all that it has given, all that it has grown within me. I honor the courage it took to travel without any map, with only an internal compass as guide. I honor the community building around it, and feel such gratitude for the kind of love that has been shown here-- a oneness of spirit, and unconditional celebration for one's heart-felt creations. I honor this place as evidence of a very precious awakening.

I thank all of you, deeply, for walking this road with me, and for giving it life through your reading, and through your loving contributions.

Soon, I will invite you in with me, to what is next.

I can't wait to rest my weary feet, and dust off my dancing shoes in this new destination.

To think I finally made it to the horizon.

So, stay tuned for the address of my new home, for a new chapter--a new life.


  1. What a joyous adventure, walking down the 'Wild Road' with you!!!

    Thank for sharing from your heart and soul, so many meaningful experiences and beyond measure!

    I am excited and most eagerly await what is coming next!!!!!!!!!!!

    Much love, Mom

  2. My friend. Such a mixture of emotions stirring inside me in this moment...this beautiful moment where I sit outside on my deck with the sun shining on me & the birds singing away.

    I have loved being here with you, on this wild road, listening to your beautiful heart, such an honor it has been.

    You are such a brave one, my friend. I can't wait to see what comes next--out of your rest and renewal and listening, out of your deepest, truest is sure to be beautiful in whatever form it takes.

    Loving you in every step.

  3. God and goddess speed, dear Brooke, companion on the way. Thank you for illuminating your journey and ours on this stretch of the wild road. I know our paths will continue to cross and wind and open onto surprising new terrain. Blessed Bees!

  4. Dear soul sista,

    So, you have finally reached the end of the wild road. I wonder what new and exciting adventures lie in store? I am sad to see you go - especially being one of my best blog pals. I salute the Christ in you dear Brooke and look forward to joining you again soon.

    Love Nige

  5. P.S: Lyn, this photo is so damn cool.

  6. brooke, i love this blog, but understand it's time to move on. please include me in your next chapter!=)


  7. Oh Brooke! I am so honored to have shared this journey with you and I am already delighted for you with what is next on your path. This is such a beautifully written post I have goosebumps. Sending you so much love, my friend.

  8. Wow Brooke. The end of the road... a road wild and wide and deep and exciting.

    It has been an honour to travel some of the journey with you, to be invited so openly into such a deep and tender expression of who you are. Like Lyn, I'm excited about what lies ahead for you. Really hope we get to connect sometime soon.

    Much love and gentleness to you xxxx

  9. gorgeous photo!
    new life...the light from the horizon in this peek looks lovely!

  10. I miss Wild Road already, but I'm trying to be patient. Thank you for opening your heart to this world and sharing your journey with us. You are courageous and beautiful! Sending love and gratitude.

  11. Brooke, I am patiently but anxoius waiting to witness what happens next. Again, your post is so beautifully written - everything comes full cirlcle it seems. Thank you for your e-mail Brooke, I'll answer to the perfectly right time ;)


  12. Brooke,

    I’ve enjoyed traveling with you and I so look forward out next journey together.
    You are amazing!


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