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Love Song

Photo Credit J.Scott Bovitz

I am in love.

It is the weirdest thing! And there is no one to attribute this to. There is only me--no man of mystery has walked through my door--but I am in love, nonetheless!

So, it is possible to have the feeling, but not the guy. Wow.

Walking on the cold hard pavement, I feel soft and yielding to the hardness, warmed by it even.

The low dense cloud cover today feels as though it is merely holding me. No feelings of suffocation. No needing to run.

My lover, my life. It is that simple.

He sings to me on the radio. Today, it was Snow Patrol. Light up, light up, as if you have a choice, even if you cannot hear my voice, I'll be right beside you dear...have heart, my dear, we're bound to be afraid...

He speaks to me through magical creations of others, and they take on a depth that was beyond me before. They literally leave me standing in awe--serious awe.

He speaks to me through the expression of possibilities, endless, for my own creations, for my own experience.

We live in the essence of both of our creations. He plays in paint, and when I close my eyes, I see his colored canvases--he likes to play with light. He hears my music. I hear his. We jam together. I read his words, and he mine--in the lyrics, in the classics, in the moderns, in the street signs.

With the walls down, all of it enters deep into the heart, maybe the solar plexus too, and there it hovers, absorbs, becomes-- lives and breathes. Uncovers a force-- a flame eternal, burning through--revealing ever clearer, ever more tangible-- a place of connection, a place to call home, no matter what is firing around us.

And all of what he shows me, what he tells me--what he points me to--what he makes me feel [long pause]

yes, makes me feel

becomes symbolic of something deeper working within, something way beyond the world of absolutes--something wanting to come out and play, wanting to experience the great magnitude of living, wanting to say something about all experience-- love, loss, hope, fear.

It does not favor sunshine over rain.

So, I walk as if he is there beside me.

It leaves me breathless--as if I can almost reach out and touch him. Like he is determined to make his presence known, but it doesn't matter that he isn't there, that I cannot see him.

For the moment, I don't feel as though he's missing.

And that's something.


  1. You, my friend, are a magician of words--totally, completely.

    "For the moment, I don't feel as though he's missing.

    And that's something."

    It really truly is something.

  2. Yes!!! This just made my day Brooke! I love this post so much. I adore you so much. This should be made into a song. The most beautiful love song ever.

    You are a truly beautiful soul.

  3. So beautiful, dear Brooke. The kind of beauty that is truth and truth that is beauty. I was also so moved by your posts about your mother's visit and her response. It makes me happy to know that she took the Wild Road photgraph.

  4. Brooke... when I converted to Christianity some years ago, this was the kind of experience that friends of mine were describing around me of their encounters with Christ.

    Your words speak to me on a very deep level about what is available to me every moment if I just turn within and seek the Great Lover.

    Thank you, thank you for opening my eyes x x x

  5. Oh my goodness, true goodness. All of your comments are such a gift. How there can be a home here at the flip of an on switch, still baffles me, but I am beginning to accept love in all its forms. Loving all of you...Thank you, deeply, from my heart.


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