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Art by Monika Pellkofer-Griesshammer

I am learning that we are all on the same journey. There are many variations of it, but it is all the same. We are all craving to be seen and heard, and loved. We are craving courage to just be who we are without the effort of being anything different. We want to be loved as we are right now. We also want the recognition of our potential. We want someone to hold our hand and believe in us.

We are wanting with all our hearts the feeling of wholeness that would show us that we have all of this.

We are all healing, ever so gently, even if sometimes there appears to be no external evidence of this in the least.

I am learning that only whole can see whole, so of course the evidence would be invisible if we are looking through our brokenness.

Until we heal these parts, we push it all away.

But the healing is happening. Ever so slowly we are opening our eyes.

And healing the part of us craving love, is bringing us love, and we receive it. Healing the part of us craving to be heard, is bringing us those who listen, and we receive it. Healing the part of us wanting to be seen, is bringing us those who see us, and we receive it.

We receive it and then we offer it. This is how wholeness works.

And we see all of us as superheroes. In fact, the lovely thing is that I cannot be a superhero and you not. If I have to maintain specialness, it means that you must submit in some way. You must need me to save you. You become broken. My view of you is through a broken lens.

We have all of it deep within our beings, just waiting for it to be accessed, unlocked--the journey to become splendid loving beings.

There is room for all of us to be superheroes--and the rest of it is just fear waiting to be burned away.

There is no need to save our fellow men. Leave them to their own devices, and they will save themselves. They want to save themselves. They do not want to be saved by anyone else. They may not know it, but the essence of them will resist you all the way, because they want to find their path to deep within themselves, and nothing less will do.

They will perceive their light. Experience guarantees this.

Love looks different in this light. Love feels different in this light. Two beings together as equal and powerful, but wholly unique with nothing to defend.

I'm watching myself and those around me let go of their pain, their familiar stories, finding courage to be vulnerable, to not carry their stories and their fears, to deal with them immediately and set them free--and in that place we are all finding deep connections, happy surprises, extensions of love where there was fear, a tenderness, a deep joy bubbling up, and there is healing in this connection.

And of course this makes all of our dreams come true.

So where emotions used to polarize a situation as clearly good or bad, the edges are being blurred, judgement is loosening up as it is seen from above. Assessment moves into the center, sees the good and the bad as part of the whole.

Sees how you really don't know what anything means. Where I thought I was causing harm, there I was helping. I can trust my heart. You can trust yours. We can trust our hearts to bring us to a place of real Love. Not sacrificial love, not fearful love.

And we are left in a space of surrender--to the beauty, the love--the vision of people as wonderful, capable, insightful, magical. And this is always reflected and expanded! There is deep healing, and we can never go back.

Today I cherish the path that has helped me along to a place where there is so much beauty.

I can feel the part of me that wants the best for my fellow man, with no strings attached, just with a pure, sweet knowing, that we are worthy of all of it: to be loved beyond measure, to create to our hearts' content, to see the beauty of ourselves and of those around us and just bask in it.

It feels easier and easier to exist in this space, because so many others are making it their new normal. I am filled with a quiet awe, realizing that I never knew quiet awe like this.

I recognize that anything that comes up has a dark and a light counterpart. The light is what I can focus into, the dark is what I can honor, and in doing so, bring it into the light. And beyond this there is a witnessing energy that is felt, so loving, so tender, so sweet, so strong, so wise, so clear. It bids me walk with it. No question. I go.


  1. Oh man, Brooke, this is pure Beauty. Pure Truth. Pure Love. Pure Light.

    Deep, deep bows to you.

    I am in awe of it all.

  2. Hey Superbrooke,

    Lovely post. When I read the bit about superheroes an email immediately came to mind that I had posted to someone on the Clearmind egroup a short while ago. I'm not even sure if its relevant to your post but this is what I said ..

    'The real superheroes of this world are those who are willing to practice a thought system that is not of this world.Forgiveness is the means by which the fear of pain,death,and ultimately God is overcome.'

    Thankyou for being you.

    Love Nige

  3. Brooke this is so beautiful- your ability to write profound truth from your heart is inspiring and breath-taking. I love knowing you.

  4. love from my light & dark
    to yours, while journeying
    alongside with heart's leading
    toward wholeness. xox

  5. this is so beautiful ... i am reeling from your words!! thank you, peace and love. xo

  6. Brooke, you help me remember this place,to learn it by heart. Thank you!


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