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Heart Attack/Letting Go

Heart birthing
with no one to call
hours worth of
war waged

beating outside of time,
false rhythms
too fast
for too long.

How much can the heart take?
How much can it carry?

split down the middle
one side says
inhale deeply now,
the other obeys

ribcage expands
to make room for the
untempered organ

contraction confused
with Expansion.

How much can the heart take?
How much can it carry?

bearing down
Breath whispers its
Proof of life.

Making room for

to worse
case scenarios

to death.

to realizing you
never had

but had yet
to understand what
that meant

even after all this time.

Heart sways in and out
cold limbs
more pacing
more racing

How much can the heart take?
How much can it carry?

Breath still
Proof of life

Stranded between
rock solid sensations and
something in the midst


one hand extended
holding All within it,
the heart its mighty symbol

How much can the heart take?
How much can it carry?

Sweet release

Riding breath

that carries even the
most untamed heart

needing no beat
for its song

stands lovingly aside
as assumption exalts heart to

rise and fall

contraction and expansion

the whole



becomes the waves that carry
the dying heart


  1. You are a woman of such courage, my friend. I should have added you to my "getting lucky" list...I am so lucky to have you in my life.

    These words are beautiful & deep.

    I love the way the words "How much can the heart take?
    How much can it carry?" keep repeating. A work of art you have here, a true expression of your beautiful self.

  2. Brooke, my heart resonates with yours and asks the same questions. Thanks for openness and courage of your heart, the sureness of your breath.

  3. "breath carries
    even the most untamed heart".
    this is good news.
    thank you. xo

  4. I am blown away by your words. They are beautiful and deep. You are brilliant and connected and full of love, depth and heart. thank you for this. It should be published in a book.


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