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Falling in Love With Life

This morning I find myself falling in love all over again--with life, with the simplicity of it.

The goodness of my body as it stretched its limbs and explored the world of endurance at yoga this morning, with the teacher who makes you hold your poses just a little too long.

The return of the green smoothie in my blender. The excitement of combining berries and yogurt, with three giant dark green leaves of kale! Oh, how I've missed you! With the most magical of all ingredients: drum roll-- rich local raw honey! Oh the splendor of going to the local co-op and discovering this rich delight. And it was on sale! $4 for a almost 32 oz! So cheap I could take a bath in it!

(My friend turned me onto it when she told me raw local honey was an amazing cold remedy. She was right! Nature's own expectorant! Apparently, it has to be raw and local, something about the local pollens; apparently, great for allergies and asthma too!)

The sun shining through, here and there, when the forecast calls for a lot of rain!

Sweet songs of John Denver.

Good music, drinking my smoothie, licking at a spoonful of honey, just about to brew some of the last of my Russian Earl Grey tea, and, you guessed it, add honey. Ready to head out into the great outdoors, rain or shine. A nice fall day for fleece.

My girls, well rested at their dad's, his email telling me how bright their eyes were after much needed sleep. His iPhone that sends me instant photos and videos of them playing their heads off.

A little quiet.

The beauty overflows today, in simplicity.

The deeper knowledge that two opposing forces exist within me at all times, one that is learning to love life, the other that resists it; relishing that today the balance has tipped in favor of love.


  1. Beautiful, Brooke! Thanks for sharin the joy of your morning with us.

  2. Hi Brooke,

    The simplicity of falling in love... thank you so much for sharing this with us. I don't need my life to be full of complication at the moment; simple, breathtaking beauty is welcome here.

    I love love love your final lines:

    "The deeper knowledge that two opposing forces exist within me at all times, one that is learning to love life, the other that resists it; relishing that today the balance has tipped in favor of love."

    I am relishing every single one of my days at the moment, and your words - and Nige's, and Julia's - are bringing so much sweetness to me. Thank you :-)

    Oh, and your green smoothie sounds amazing!

  3. Hiya,

    What a wonderful description of a day in the life of Brooke. Green smoothie, raw honey - the simple things that make life worth living. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

    Love Nige

  4. This makes me want to drink a green smoothie & feel the sun on my face. It really is the simple things that bring so much beauty, thank you for bringing me back to that truly true truth.



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