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The Sedona Method

I am a huge advocate of The Sedona Method, because the practice of the method has changed my life.

I haven't seen this film, but wanted to post the trailer here, as I could be one of these people proclaiming the benefits of the method.

The Sedona Method is a simple practice of clearing out all the mess of thoughts and patterns that keep us from experiencing well-being. The practice changes your life, because as you work with it, you become aware of your thought patterns, of your grievances, of your limiting beliefs and limits on love, not to mention your fears. As you release these obstructions, you become clearer about what it is that you value and want in your life. Very soon after working with the method, you find yourself opening to life, and life arranging itself to support your well-being. Each little bit of letting go helps you to focus on what is going right, and reinforces a more positive perspective.

The memories that you begin to access that would seem to shape your life become new and different, and hence, your perception begins to slowly shift into one that sees beauty, where previously, you might have seen heartache. As you let go of needing others or yourself to perform in a certain way, you experience more and more effortlessness in living, and a love inside yourself that has everything to give. This is reflected by a love extended to you by others that begins to support you and cherish you.

You keep going deeper with this work, and as your obvious issues become cleared, deep patterns begin to reveal themselves to be released. This work is a very dynamic process of becoming free. It feels to me like an undoing of brainwashing, and much more, because it is undoing subconscious patterns that exist in our collective consciousness.

After working with this method you find that people respond to you differently. In fact, just by showing up in this clearer space, you can calm the energy around you, and bring out the best in people, which naturally brings out your best.

I have found so many patterns in my experience that used to support suffering and pain, and just the awareness of them has helped release many of them, so much so, that now I can literally choose not to suffer.

It takes a lot of courage to choose peace over suffering because suffering is so ingrained in us. Letting go of what doesn't serve me, and becoming clearer in my life has helped me to access the present moment which creates the opening in me to experience peace that has always been there. Peace is a natural response to being clear, and life responds accordingly.

I can tell you that this work has opened me up to love in ways that I could have never dreamed of. It is like the fabric of my life has been permanently changed, and the default has been set to love. I know it will always be that way, because it feels so good. No matter what happens, I know that this kind of love can never die. It rests strong and ready for anyone who is ready to experience it. It is all-encompassing. It is all-seeing. In fact, you can't see anyone without the sweetness of compassion and understanding. And your heart just grows bigger and bigger to hold everyone within it.

This love can be so powerful, that I feel as if I am continuously in a process of being recalibrated to receive the fullness of it.

The Sedona Method is a tool I find myself returning to over and over again, and I am always surprised when I find myself in a difficult time, to find that I've forgotten all about the ease of this method. When I return to the practice, I find the ease returning.

Most of my experience with the Sedona Method has been through my amazing mentor Fiona Moore. She works with groups as well as with individuals in private sessions. She is available for work globally, and in person in Corvallis, Oregon.

If you want to get started right away, if you shy away from groups, if you just want to see what this method is all about, you can find the book The Sedona Method at your local library, bookstore or on Amazon. However, I would highly recommend group work or work with a mentor, as it is so helpful and validating to hear the experiences of others, and to be or have a witness to this work.

I find that we are all experiencing the same kind of issues, just with different themes. It is nice to connect with others and find ourselves slowly opening to being loved and loving more effortlessly. Doing this process with others expands the process of awakening and gives it staying power.

If this post interests you, you might like this post for an example of my experience with The Sedona Method in action in a group setting.


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