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Little-Big Birthday Girl!

Dearest little-big one!

You are eight today, and boy are you full of the energy of sweet celebration! I love how excited you get about your birthday and about holidays in general. They are so magical for you, and your enthusiasm is contagious. You always want to be involved in creating the holiday. Today you helped decorate your cake with lots of miniature horses snug in their Kit-Kat fences, eating their green grass sprinkles. You placed eight candles around the cake and made sure the horses would be safe from fire.

I love that you love horses, and want to be a cowgirl. I love how your joy in horses has encouraged me to access a part of the world I wouldn't have discovered without you. I love watching you with all animals, even your stuffed ones, how tender you are with them, how you are transported into a place of peace as you hold them. I hope you always remember this and nurture your sweet connection with animals as a way to give yourself peace when you are older, and experiencing less than friendly moments.

Wow, eight years old! So grown up that last night you helped Grandpa light the fire at our weenie roast, and later you didn't give up until you made your perfectly golden-brown angel on horseback.

I stole a moment to watch you, sitting there in your camping chair holding your little stuffed Terrier. I had a chance to study your face looking so serene while you were sitting quietly, which was nice since recently I see your feet up in the air more than your head, what with your incessant cart-wheels and hand-stands, or your climbing up the hallway walls like Spiderman.

All at once I noticed the beauty of you as blessedly as I noticed the rushing water, the skyline of the mountains, and the trees that framed your little-big self. Then I watched you light up at the chipmunks that came to visit. I listened to your adorable little voice singing rounds with us around the campfire, and my heart was full.

I must tell you that there is nothing more wonderful to me than a smile on your face, or the moments when something delights you and you begin to talk excitedly explaining the entire situation, or when you erupt into giggles at something funny.

I love your rich imagination, how you can play for hours with your little sister, making up all kinds of scenarios, using props in creative ways. I love that I can listen in and learn a little bit more about you each time. I love how funny you are, and how you love to be silly. I love that you want to be Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, every year for Halloween, because I know that you and I are here together to journey over the rainbow!

If I had a wish for your birthday, it would be that you always follow your bliss, no matter what anyone says--- no matter what I say; that you recognize the fear of others in the place of where you thought their love should be, and that this grows the love inside of you.

If I could give you any advice it would be to simply be you, no matter what.

Today I give thanks for you in my life. You make me a better person. You challenge me in ways that expand me and teach me deeply about peace. I treasure the gift of you.

Happy 8th Birthday, sweetheart!


  1. Oh my goodness...the tears are spilling all over the counter top.

    This is the absolute sweetest tribute to sweet,little-big M. I hope you've read every word of this to her--it's sure to be her favorite ever gift.

    Thank you for making me feel so deeply this morning.

  2. Thank you for introducing us to beautiful, inspiring Madeleine. I know she will reign forever as queen of your heart!

  3. A truly beautiful tribute to Madeleine, an amazing 8 year old beauty, so full of joy, laughter, and excitement for everything!

    However, I celebrate you...a beautiful caring Mother, who has and continues to raise the bar for all Mother's!!!

    You are a gift to your children and words can not express how much I love you!


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