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I recently encountered the great Joel Goldsmith and his teachings. In his book The Art of Spiritual Healing, he speaks about the importance of our healing our perceptions of disease in our mind, that this is where this healing begins.

He likens disease to a mirage. Our concept of disease has to drop as easily as we know a mirage isn't really there. You drive up to the water, stop your car, knowing that you can't drive through the lake--that is until you realize it is a mirage. As soon as you realize this, you get back into your car and you move forward. His experience is that healing comes from an ability for the healer or healee to drop the conditioned concepts of disease from understanding--not in denial of it, but in focusing into an awareness of wholeness, into a mental state of already having been healed.
In my experience, this isn't an intellectual process, but a dropping the 'hows' into the heartspace. It is a profound letting go, and in the space that you free up in your mind, the love rushes in. Love supports thriving.

So, healing comes from an ability to see wholeness, rather than the disease, or dis-ease. This has been true in my experience in many ways, although the shifts have been gentle as if I understand that too much at once might blow my mind for good--wait, that could be just what I need!:)

I am seeing that healing happens in a holographic way, through every aspect of our experience. I also see that my relationship with disease or dis-ease holds largely the same kind of themes through all aspects of my human experience.

I was meditating on the concept of spiritual healing because I couldn't quite wrap my brain around the mirage example comparing the mirage to disease. I had better luck in comparing the mirage to feelings of separation--but disease in the body seemed too big.

Then I had the most beautiful image of a little baby boy come into my awareness. He was sitting up, his hands clasped together like he was clapping. He had a big smile with joyous eyes. He would bob up and down in happy undulations, little tufts of brown baby hair waving about.

And I got it. I really got it. My heart opened wide. A baby holds only the vibration of pure untapped potential, of innocence, of preciousness, of wholeness. This would be the place I could go to feel the concept of wholeness, to return to wholeness in my perception of another--of myself!

This was the most direct understanding I could call up of what it is to rest in an untainted place of wholeness, to love without limits, without fear, to rest in a perfect state of giving and receiving with another being, with a mind focused on love and pure potential. So, to let dis-ease or disease drop away this way, I could understand! I had lived two very potent experiences of it twice, having had two babies, (although no baby boys, so, that was a fun image!)

There is the recognition in the moment that no experience of my life to date parallels the ease and joy, the absolute focus, the treasured moments of nurturing little ones--at least until they began to talk back.

These were truly moments in my life when I was so focused in a state of love and joy, basking in innocence, and sweetness, in wholeness, and the pure potential of these beings--wanting to show them a precious world, because their very presence had made my world precious.

I knew just how to soothe them, to pack them around on my hip until my arms ached--never feeling the ache until much later. I knew how to meet their basic needs, and their emotional needs. I knew how to caress the fuzz on their little heads, to kiss their little cheeks and lips, to massage their little bodies, to keep some part of myself in contact with them at all times. There was nothing more important than learning their language, or welcoming them into a world to experience joy. Of course, not every moment was perfect, but the feeling in sync was incredible. There was no wondering about my purpose or theirs. We were both fully present in the sensations of togetherness!
A place to go back to when they are driving me crazy...

Nurturing these little beings was continually reinforced because all that I gave to them was given back to me ten-fold, even just by their scent, the shape of their bodies cuddling into mine, their reaching out for me for love, their need for me, which I took to mean they loved me.
I remember my older daughter would say, "Mama, hold you?" Reaching up for me to hold her. She hadn't learned that she was an 'I' yet. She thought we were one.

So, could it be this easy for me to open healing by returning my perception to a state of grace and innocence, of love, unconditional-- to hold another and caress them just right, even if just in my heart? To hold a being in the pureness of untainted space, to feel the fullness of their pure untapped potential, equal only to the measure of my love-- and to meet myself there--to feel so focused and free from fear just because my desire is so strong to love?

There is something that speaks so clearly and beautifully to me about returning to this most natural state with one another, to embrace our wholeness, our innocence, our sweetness. And in holding each other, we find we were always just holding ourselves.


  1. Such an ontime joyful post! Met my cousin's year old son for the first time yesterday. He could have been the child in your vision. Thanks for another vivid post from the heart to the heart.

  2. What a sweet picture, mother and child!

    What a beautiful dream! I have always felt that if we allow ourselves to be present with the little new ones, they will hold us in love and oneness...the hard part, being in the heart space to recognize the gift. I for one, know that I can spend too much time in my head.

    Thank you for always bringing me great insight!

    Love the new look of your blog!

  3. "And in holding each other, we find we were always just holding ourselves."

    I so love this. What a beautiful,sweet picture of you & your little one holding each other. So precious.

  4. Beautiful, always.


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