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For a while now I've been living sheltered from anything outside my own little bubble, which has consisted of motherhood, of my passion to live a heart-centered existence, of my desire to see truth in the moment, and to take responsibility for my perceptions; all so that I might contribute a vibration of peace and love to this world, and stop adding to the fear and anger.

I grew up with the idea that if you didn't know your current events, you were irresponsible and ignorant. I remember forcing myself to watch the news, thinking this was what being responsible looked like. I remember how horrible and separated I felt afterward. I remember how the images and the sensational reporting amplified that uneasy feeling I'd always had about actually living in a world with so many inconsistencies, so many dangers, so many injustices. I saw the adults around me stressed and upset as they became saturated and heavy with all the problems near and far. I remember feeling stressed and heavy too. At too early an age, I found it hard to lay it all down, and get to playing.

I've heard of cultures where empathic little ones are sequestered away, and raised protected from the harsh realities of living in the flesh. They are raised within the tranquility of nature, that even though has its own violent tendencies, all together, are more purposeful and less intense than in the human world.

So, for me, it has been a natural part of the process of returning to a more peaceful place in my being, to retreat from the constant wave of messages from the media, and to treat myself as that little empathic child; to protect myself from the circus of reporting that keeps me afraid of my world, afraid of the vulnerability of my body, and afraid of my brother.

I am protective of where I get my news. It may be as little as glancing at headlines of The New York Times, or hearing snippets of conversation out and about. What I choose to talk about or read must have something beneficial to my Soul. Sometimes I do read depressing news, but I usually find it has something for me to ponder.

I don't force myself to be in the know anymore. Only occasionally do I see the news on television, and it is usually when it ensnares me, like at the airport, when CNN is blaring. It is always a shock to the system, and something I never find very useful to my day.

I prefer to learn about the world from heart-centered reporters/writers(see upcoming part II for example), who give a balanced view of the issues, who do not try to sell solutions, black and white arguments, or absolute statements. I believe we all have a radar for truth, and it is directly related to how something makes us feel.

I find that I can be of better use to the world in a state of feeling good. I find I have more energy to uplift others, when I myself am uplifted. I find that I feel more like giving to the world, when I do not feel at war with it. Not feeling at war with the world, begins with my perceptions of it. When I feel peace, I see a peaceful world.

As I become ready to expand my bubble to include more and more of the world, and its complex issues, I am thankful that I am learning to be discerning of what I allow into my awareness, and can avoid the kind of media that perpetuates fear, hatred, and prejudice, that it may be exposed for what it is, an entity akin to the ego, a divider of peoples, that seeks to penetrate our lives and shape our perceptions; a seducer at large, with the goal of fueling its self-importance by making itself mainstream and sensational, instilling an illusion of a scary world, with evil people, and an ideology of domination.


  1. "I find that I can be of better use to the world in a state of feeling good."

    "When I feel peace, I see a peaceful world."


  2. I wrote a post about this a couple of weeks (months?) ago when I had watched too much news and was an anxious wreck- like you, I generally watch NO news for all of the reasons you stated. Politics can really get me going and I am not my best self or contributing to peace in the world. When I am hating the haters I am energetically the same as them. This is something I have really been working on for a while now. Thanks for sharing this. It's so nice to know I am not alone. xo

  3. I have no escape from news and politics, because it is my husband's passion, though my nature and inclinations are more like yours, Brooke. The news that distresses me most is of what is happening to our planet, and that I can sense without any news source. My challenge is to find a way to hold grief and joy in balance. Both can lead to healing. Thank you so much for this thoughtful post.


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