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Imagine a world that speaks only in music, having no other language but this.

So much easier to live in the heart if you speak music: melodies, harmonies, and rhythms, that communicate the entire spectrum of human emotions, all evolving, current with the day, reflecting human progress, mirroring what is happening in the environment, recounting stories. Of course, without lyrics! Nothing that would try to nail down any experience into a mere set of words.

Music would be spoken and received only within the heart center, and because we would not be able attach any finite meaning to the music, we would be free to be in the experience of listening, even while speaking.

Without any lyrics the music could portray anything, and could be received by anyone. But because there would be no story attached to it, it would merely sweep over, flow in and out of experience, within the present moment, riding on a sea of open interpretation. Without the story, there would only be the experience of the senses as interpreted by the heart, where there lives no separation, only treasured differences.

You'd sing to me. I'd hear all your unique patterns. I'd hear your chosen sonorities. I'd hear the rhythms and the melodies. I'd experience them with you, but I'd draw no conclusions. I'd be present in just listening to what you wanted to convey in each heartbeat. I'd search for no experience of it in my past, because there would be no trying to define the music, to hold on to it, to limit it.

It could be experienced in the heartspace as feelings or swarms of energy, rich and warm, cold or stormy--it wouldn't matter, as it flowed in and out of existence. It could be repeated over and over, and although it could build in intensity, it would soon become something different--a memory easily let go.

There would be a oneness in speaking and listening. All communicating would be important. Everyone's music would be unique. Everyone's musical story would be valued, but it would easily drop away as new music took its place.

So many colors and textures, so many sonar possibilities, it would defy imagination. Music would take on much a life of its own as we would speak and listen. Communication would be expansive, spacious, and would foster creativity and living your best life.

Imagine a life without words. A life outside of declared meaning. A life not pinned down or summed up. None of this could reach you in this place.

I imagine that this world would find their people as productive, as ingenious creators, as passionate. But I dare say that their step would be lighter, their actions more mindful, their vision clearer, and the hearts less troubled. I imagine they would view themselves as much as sovereign beings as we, but would embrace their unique gifts, not getting mired in absolutes, statistics, or theory.

There would be no language to distract from the experiencing. There would be no need to explain, convince, analyze, overpower, or direct, judge, condemn, label--to catch up, to chase, to hinder, or to exclude, feel guilty or limited.

You'd be so surprised at what the landscape of music reveals, so I imagine that this world would mystify us with their creations. (Listen to some Beethoven Symphonies for evidence).

So, can we, creatures of language, experience this?

Turn on music without lyrics, and listen to what it is saying. Try not to critique or analyze the performance. Just listen. Notice how you respond from another place. Notice how you allow yourself to just be in the experience of what it is saying right in the moment. Ask yourself if you can pin it down to any absolute story. Ask yourself if you ever get stuck, for instance at the three minutes fifteen seconds mark-stuck on one chord, or at a resolutions. Or do you keep moving along with the music, like riding a river.

Notice how you can make no absolute story about it. Allow your imagination to paint or build while you are listening. Notice what is created in your experience, what structures are built, without any language in the way.

Imagine if you spoke in turn like this. How would if feel to speak? Would you feel more heard?

Imagine listening and speaking with one another this way. Imagine listening and speaking to yourself this way!

Imagine not being able to hold on to any stories, but still feeling all of life with the heart. Sickness and death might take on minor tonalities, sounding stormy and distressful, but there would be no perseverating on them, because the story would be gone--like a memory-and it is really living in the memory that holds us in a space of dis-ease.

Joy would be magnified in song, but not attached to, which we know is only another form of pain when it begins to fade, as it always is bound to do in ego-land.

What would your heartsong be in this new world?

Ask yourself if that is why as humans we find ourselves rejoicing together in song, becoming freer and happier in ourselves and our bodies, as we surrender to celebration in song and dance--and ask yourself if any of us really knows for sure that it should be any other way.

I thought this video was funny, of course, this video exists in a world where language and stories exist! Not exactly what I had in mind, but funny! Enjoy!

PS. This music is the 1st movement of Beethoven's 5th Symphony. Putting on my music teacher hat for a moment: I encourage you to check out the 3rd and
4th movement of Beethoven's 5th Symphony and recognize what surely must have inpsired John Williams in the creation of his Star Wars Music.


  1. Heartsong--i so love this title-this concept, this possibility.

    So much here. wow. Imagine....

    "Nothing that would try to nail down any experience into a mere set of words."

    " A life outside of declared meaning. A life not pinned down or summed up."

    "Without the story, there would only be the experience of the senses as interpreted by the heart,where there lives no separation, only treasured differences."

  2. Dear Brooke,music is may be one of the many proofs for the Divine in the human existence. Moreover, this Divine is a part of us as creators...sometime.


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