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La la la la la la, la la la la la (To Smurf's Tune)

There is always release. There is always contraction. There is always contraction. There is always release. I believe this is all I need to say. Anything more is just a story--but I like story.

What I know is that EVERY time I think I am riding pretty, it ends! Whenever I say that I really understand something or that I've found the way, the rug is swept out from under me. It is as if some force is actually intent on setting me free from ANY attachments, so, that I might truly be free--so that I might actually lighten it up--so that I might actually have the experience of really seeing the beauty of what is right in front of me--like my little girls. Oh how lovely it is when I can see them and laugh with them. They look different, and honestly, I wonder how I could have moments when I actually do not see how enchanting they are--moments when all I can see are the threat of legions of toys strewn around the house, and dirty sinks and toilets--and how many times a day can a little one poop and scream, Mommy, wipe me! It just ain't so cute anymore.

I'm actually finding it all humorous as of late. (Thank goodness!) Jane Roberts in her Oversoul Seven series has the crazy image of a giant Buddha made of Jello, jostling around, towering into the sky. This image keeps popping in my head and making me laugh--such a ridiculous image, and yet some profound wisdom captured there. No need to take it all so seriously!

This could be perhaps my greatest lesson. The road doesn't feel so wild when you are skipping down it and whistling Dixie!

You'd think that I'd have caught on to the pattern already. Release, contract, release, contract. It never fails--just another set of opposites in a world of duality. Wait, I believe if I read back, I have caught on before! But what is it about our little minds that wants to override, or is it outsmart--okay, mess with our knowledge of the truth, that life is nothing more than a big roller coaster ride of ups and downs--yup, that's how it goes folks! Clair et net! Yet, why is it that my mind edges its way into every dark night of the soul, and pretends like it's driving this runaway train?

I think it is really kind of funny. At the moment, I am looking at all of existence and just laughing--so much trying, striving, worrying, comparing, controlling, aching, suffering--all resisting what is! And after short spurts of the appearance of actually helping ourselves by remaining in these painful states, we make sure to bring ourselves right back there the next time, when we decide that in our free fall we need a parachute--and oops we forgot one--better make ourselves into a human parachute--and don't we just fall harder and faster?


  1. I don't know the smurf tune, but I still can sing along.

    Great reminder of the duality of life. When you think about it with humor and unattachment... life seems so much simpler and actually doable!

  2. You are so right on here! Love this post...

    Here's to the hilarity of it all and to whistling and skipping all the way home!

  3. I have been reading this blog for a while a rational individual(not at all artistic) I am not sure why one would devote so much effort into writing a a recreational reader(nevertheless an avid reader) I sincerely applaud the level of the writings. Everything is so beautifully expressed and as a rational person (sorry to repeat myself) I hope that your work will get published and reach a wider audience...although something tells me that this is not your ambition. Anyway, I thought that I should tell you that you are really gifted and I wish you a lot more happy readers.

  4. Thank you all for your comments, and thank you Anonymous for sharing your thoughts and encouragement. Your comment was a very happy birthday present for me today!

    I would love to reach a wider audience, and I would love to publish--take it to the next level so to speak. I have put the intention out there, but at the moment my focus is to do all of it with my soul intact.

    Today, you have given me what I most yearn for, knowledge that my words have connected with another's experience.

    You've inspired me to address my creative process in some further blogs--how blogging became my way of putting my creations out there and freeing my writings from being hidden behind my fear forever.

    I love that you are a rational person, although, I would venture to guess that you have an artist's soul just waiting to be gently coaxed out of you, directly related to anything and everything that has ever touched you deeply, or ever made you really care about anything.

    I believe that if you like this blog, it is because you see a beautiful part of yourself reflected back at you. Thank you for honoring me. I honor you and thank you. Namaste.

  5. Dear, Brooke,
    I wish all our "up"-s to be more powerful and lifting for our souls than our "down"-s. Nevertheless,we will be always eager to pursue these reliable "up"-s, which have been building our path ahead...
    Happy birthday,dear Brooke


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