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My Prayer

Grant me the courage to forever find the bounds I hold in my heart that limit my ability to love. Grant me the gift to see my fellow man and myself. Give me the vision to see the vast landscapes of our hearts, outside of the constructs of this world, so, that I might begin to see Truth.

Help me to see all the layers of the battles raged, and recognize what they have to teach me about the way back to love. Help me to see my part in the fighting, from my heart, honoring my feelings, but turning it over to a higher Source for interpretation.

Help me to remember how I make the illusion of this world real by engaging in fighting, feeling justified by my own desires and attachments. Help me to recognize how I am, in actuality, fighting to keep myself locked up, defending something that is meaningless, and that would separate.

As I move through my experiences and gain greater access to the beliefs and desires that I hold, which imprison me, and as I slowly begin to be free of them, help me to stay in that place of freedom for longer and longer periods of time, and to recognize that experience in my physical body as the clear energy field around my heart, emanating a pure feeling of openness, with unwavering, and unshakable feelings of unconditional love and compassion; the open energy field with a constant current of power, safe from being shut off by feelings of pain at seeing one wounded or suffering, safe from being obscured by judgment of where a person is on his or her journey, safe from being deadened by the pursuit of justice.

Help me to recognize when my desire to help or accept help from another would devalue their unique path or my own. Help me to deepen into a feeling of oneness with my brother, and to continue to recognize where we separate by believing our thoughts about the other.

Help me recognize when I am focused in the illusion of separateness, by the heaviness, airtight stories, and painful feelings that come with it. Help me to recognize when I am competing for energy, instead of expanding it, and why it is I might be doing that.

Help me to find increasing awareness in the moment, to stop and bring it back to the heart. In these difficult moments, lead me back to the heart. Help me to open and recognize guidance.

Help me to have the courage to move through my experiences, with the intention of always really seeing.

Help me to be able to feel all of my emotions and respond with the awareness of my actions, reserving judgement about them, so that I might be free to act, but help me that I might become increasingly aware of what motivates my actions, more mindful of their consequences, and the kind of ripples that I am sending out into the world.

Help me to remember that in every experience I am the teacher and the learner, and that the process goes on constantly in every moment, even into dreams.

Help me know when my participation is more about diminishing my doubt, than giving, and guide me into a more constant place of side-stepping the doubt and bringing about joy and hope, by aligning with the voice and heart of Source. Help me to work from the part of myself at one with Source, the part of me who has heeded the call.

Help me to trust that the difficult moments are part of the divine plan, and part of the practice in finding my way back to the purity of the heart.

Help me to see my brother as myself, and our innocence, together, that would set us free.


  1. Thank you for this truly beautiful prayer.

    A prayer that walks beyond the very heart of the matter, oneness.

    The soul knows the truth.

  2. This prayer was truly written from the heart beautiful.

    I will be returning to it often... for my soul felt the vibration of a pure love.


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