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The Truth Will Set You Free

Photo by Lyn

So, I have this book called A Course in Miracles. Although I have come across many books on my journey, there isn't another one that comes even close to speaking to me as this one does.
It is no accident that I have this book. Fifteen years ago I was drawn to it in a bookstore. I picked it up and read a couple lines, and understood none of its lofty language, and so, I put it back on the shelf. I understand now that my encounter with it then was only to mark the moment in time, and to foreshadow the moment when I would find it, and be ready for it.

On meditating on some of the exercises in the book, I had some very interesting realizations coming to me, showing me in a very clear way, the nature of my fearful mind.

The exercise asked me to meditate on the phrase, "God is the Love in which I forgive [name]." It asked me to insert the name of anyone who came to mind, and so in a very relaxed state, I let names drift into my awareness. What I couldn't believe is how many names and faces started to float into my mind that I had issues with.

I didn't think I had issues with anyone.

I felt a certain resistance to seeing anyone in wholeness, and in complete love. Then the strangest thing happened, there were not only the faces of people I knew, but the essence of perfect strangers too-- basically all of existence. I could feel that I had an issue with everyone who had ever walked, currently walked, or would ever walk this earth--and not just people! My cat appeared on the list--and get this, my spirit guides too!

This made me laugh. It seemed that everyone in every dimension of existence was prey to having hurt me, to hurting me, or to having the potential to hurt me!

It was so interesting to see how deeply in me, there lived the fear of everyone and everything, and the idea of forgiving or seeing anyone through eyes of God (or Love, if the word God is as loaded for you, as it is for me) was not a possibility.

Perhaps this is why it is hard for us to make genuine eye contact for too long, to see into the window of another Soul reflecting our own fear of being wounded.

So, I just sat there for a moment with a deep awareness of something within me, afraid of everyone and everything. I didn't judge it. I noticed it, and noticed how real and familiar it felt.

A wave peace started overcoming me as I understood that a deep truth was uncovered in the make up of my mind. I must go deep into my psyche and find the flawed thinking, before the surface repairs will hold for long. This is the way to healing.

Until I have the mind of God (Love), I won't have the freedom to have true vision, and to see my brother with unconditional Love.

So, although I have had glimpses of this Love, I have been shown how deeply I believe in the fear that lives in my mind too.

"Stand aside, however briefly, from all thoughts that are unworthy of Him..." I read.

Hmmm, I thought, which thoughts would be unworthy of Him?

Any thoughts that are not Loving.

So, there are my thoughts that I think are real, that are fearful, and there are My Thoughts that are real, that are aligned with a feeling of Love.

For a brief moment I teeter back and forth, as I try to stand solidly aside from the fearful, angry, doubting, limiting, resisting, painful thoughts, and put my weight over into the loving, allowing, open, expansive, nurturing, peaceful, possible, thoughts, that align me with heaven.

I breathe into a feeling of Love. It feels familiar too.

My insight: the infrastructure of my mind needs to be rebuilt brick by brick. The good news? The process has long begun, and it will find its completion in time as I probe deeper into unseen reaches of my mind, to uncover what repairs must be made before the structure can be deemed sound, before the doors can be opened to invite in all of the infinite possibilities to live inside with me.

This is a job for an Expert, and one that knows me better than I know myself. As I let go more and more, and allow it, the Expert (higher Self, perhaps?) will come in and make the necessary repairs. All I have to do is open to receive.

In a twinkling of an eye, I see that the infinite possibilities exist within me, and that there was never a need for repair, but only for me to open my eyes to the perfection obscured by shadow.

To think, that only light was needed...but it might take time before I can see through the illusion enough to let it be that easy.

One day, I know that I will see my brother as myself, and it will be only in Love. I know this because I have had glimpses. I know how it feels to be unable to contain all of the love and compassion in your heart for another. I have known peace. I know how it feels to be awed by others who extend this love so freely. I have met these beings in the flesh. I have met these beings through the words they have left behind. I have met these beings in the words that they send through the veil.

How have you glimpsed it? There are so many ways...

I offer this to you, aware of subtle pangs of wanting to keep the sacredness, and revealing nature of this to myself, but knowing that it is part of the healing process, and the expansion of truth, to set it free, so that it might spread its wings for you, and hold you within its downy warmth, as you lovingly see parts of yourself reflected.

It is a lesson that I am learning: To warm my brother, is to warm myself. To warm myself, is to warm my brother.


  1. Man, Brooke. You keep wow-ing me with your insights, your writing and willingness to share all sacred parts of you, your openness and commitment to this path of truth. You are so brave.

    Thank you for warming me with your words.

  2. that only light was it!

  3. Your openness and honesty humbles me.

    Your example such a gift!


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