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Hokey Pokey

Photo by Lyn

Today when I was driving my daughter to preschool, I saw a bumper sticker that caught my eye, and sent me into chuckles. It said:

"Maybe the Hokey Pokey is what it's all about."

I immediately called my friend, Julia, because together she and I are always trying to get to the bottom of the so called meaning of life, and we can take ourselves rather seriously at times. We laughed together for longer than I would have expected. It felt so good to find something so funny and so profoundly meaningful. Of course, we'd both seen the sticker before, but this morning it brought much comic relief.

It was perfect for me as the message I've been getting lately, is to lighten up and to go with the flow.

I've even been having more moments of fun as I let go of single-handedly trying to save the world, of allowing Source to have some hand in it, of simplifying things by moving them from the head to the heart--letting answers come from deep within, rather than from efforting to find the answers. Every waking moment I get to practice this--even just to remember someone's name. Instead of stressing, I just move my focus inward, and wait for the answer to rise up. No efforting, and much more of a feeling of connecting to a deeper awareness.

This process is beautiful when used together with another person in the process of creating! The other night my friend and I were coming up with a title for a class that we are teaching, and it was so beautiful how we just let ourselves go inward and let the title emerge, instead of efforting about it.

This morning I needed to be reminded about how difficult my mind can make daily life. Despite the beautiful changes that have been showing up for a long time now, with just a moment in the mind, I can forget all about them--in those moments when any progress in the physical world feels unmeasurable, and measuring any progress on a spiritual level requires too much faith.

So, today I remind myself that there have been many little shifts. I find myself a lot lighter these days. I spend much time with a smile on my face from the beginning of my day to the end. And the times I don't, I am aware that I could. I am getting involved in things I never thought I would get involved in that are coming naturally, and I am showing up to write about it here. Most importantly, I am helping to lift myself out of the dreary stories that surface each day, by asking the simple question, are they really true?

Recently I read a demoralizing quote, I can see that is was just perfect to get my doubting mind activated, and give me the opportunity to work through it. The quote talked about how going with the flow is synonymous with failure.

Living in the physical world is set up to eventually bring everything to ruin, and if we don't address how the physical world mirrors our fear, then we can't move past it. So, this quote mirrors a fear that I still hold, that going with the flow will keep me just milling about, heading down the river and seeing the sights, and the towering mountain in the distance, but that soon the mountain will be out of sight, and I will have missed the chance to climb it.

So, I guess it depends on how badly you want to climb the mountain, and how important it is for you to get your flag on the top first. And what if the river ride ends at the base of the most beautiful mountain that you could have ever imagined, with a spectacular view of the sea, but you've stopped yourself from arriving there, too afraid that if you didn't climb the first mountain you found, you'd never get around to it. But, what if the entire journey down the river would give you strength and sustenance to ready you to climb this beautiful mountain, making it feel effortless and filled to the brim with the experiencing of it?

The whole point of the ego world is to direct you to go after what you want, only to find that when you arrive, there is still the same emptiness. What if the river ride is what gets you to the top of the mountain without the emptiness?

So, you've climbed the mountain. You are alone up there and your flag is stuck in it. Great! Now what? This might be enough for some--maybe onto another challenge? This might be your river ride--a series of challenges and battles with nature--however others might feel lonely up there, wishing they hadn't shoved so many people out of the way to get their first.

Going with the flow: I have seen more changes that have come in my life from trusting and letting go, and attempting to be with what is, rather than forcing; to ride the river of life and really see the scenery on the way. And on top of that, I am learning to live for me, and from a more authentic place in me than I have ever known. The closer I get to that place, the more I understand that the way to climb a mountain is to get acquainted with that deeper part of you that is powered from something internal, and let it carry you up what mountain it chooses, because it knows what is best for you.

This movement is slower, and less perilous, perhaps, but it is the place where real change comes from--meaningful change that lasts. It opens up pathways for loving and acceptance of what is. It is inclusive and loving by nature. It is peaceful. It is a collective journey of holding hands and taking responsibility, and lovingly asserting truth.

Going against the flow and pushing yourself to stand out and rise above the masses is to separate, is to push others aside that aren't helpful, and is to place value on an external title; to wield power, to conquer and to overcome.

So, two different ways, and two different kinds of power. Ultimately, it is our decision what kind of life we would like to lead.

Our history has been full of separation, and using all the excuses of the ego not to reach out with love: language barriers, cultural differences, racial differences, prejudices, superior genetics, bloodlines, wealth and success. You name it. History has been full of hierarchies and division. And what good has come of any of it?

We are left with a world of locked doors and very brief eye-contact, of wanting, representatives of the people that are out for their own gain, and the daily fear that our earth is crumbling into ruins. We medicate ourselves with a myriad of substances. We do what we should, even if we don't want to. I can especially feel this training around the holidays! Betcha that if you are over seven, you can feel that one! Deck the halls, right?!

If going with the flow means that I am finding a more supple way of dealing with my fellow human beings, of finding what to value and how to value it, to create an entire life that doesn't resemble the old one of feeling imprisoned, then I am good with that. It also means that I am finding a softer way of dealing with myself. That feels good too. If nothing else mattered, if nothing were ever to be measured again, feeling good would still be important. And flowing feels good, because it is non-resistant in nature.

If I could give my children one thing in this life, it would be to teach them to find what it is deep inside of them that makes them tick, that gives them passion, and meaning, and then teach them to foster it lovingly.

So, even if they don't get "ahead" because they haven't been painfully struggling upstream, even if they aren't the first to plant that flag in the mountain, I am good with that too. And who knows what will be opened up for them because they are not content to walk the same heavily trodden path made by those who struggled to find some room on it, as they raced down it toward some kind of finish line.

And if the only thing that really matters is to Hokey Pokey together into a new dawn, I say, wonderful, let's boogie!


  1. So wonderful to see that you have found lightness and peace from the Hokey Pokey!

    Loved your beautiful writing... processing... of moving through the shit and seeing beyond the conditioning and ego, the rat race...taking the ride of life, but going with it, instead of against it flow.

    I'm with you let's boogey!


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