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Get Ready, Get Set, Go! Find That Bliss!

Two little girls who know how to play. My teachers in following my bliss!

Most mornings, I wake up with something that resembles homesickness, but for a place that I can't pinpoint. There is a little tinge of sadness and perhaps some anxiety. Today I can't blame it on the kids, because they are with their dad, although their fighting can make the feeling much more pronounced. No, right now it is silent, and peaceful, but my heart is feeling a little unsteady.

So, I write through it.

I sit very still, and I begin to notice my breath. It feels a little shallow. I try to define the uncomfortable sensations; feels something like guilt. As if I ran away from home, and can't find my way back, and that I should have been home long ago.

I breathe more deeply, because I recognize that I am being thought, just as I am being breathed. I have no more control over my thinking than I do over my breathing. However, I do have control over which thoughts I choose do identify with. And after much discipline, I know that only certain thoughts bring me peace. I do not have to believe the thoughts that bring suffering.

I know that the miracle of seeing the light is there all the time, whether I can see it or not. I open the eyes of my spirit, and begin to remember...

I am here in this physical body, and it is supposed to be joyful. There is nothing that I must do at any moment to feel worthy. I let the truth of this sink in. There is nothing that I need to do except for find my bliss, and follow it. Thank you Joseph Campbell.

Already my chest is feeling lighter.

Those old feelings of suffering retreat much faster these days, because I have been practicing for so long to challenge them. It is all contained in the tiny moments of practice, and forever inching toward a more peaceful experience. At first I wanted to hang on to the suffering thoughts, because they felt like they were too much a part of me, and that if I let go of them, I would lose my identity. But slowly, the freedom of choosing to follow my constructive thoughts, has made the suffering thoughts fall away faster. The light has become familiar, and the place I'd rather be. Little by little the experience of this has deepened, and continues to do so. This is what truth does. All it takes, and really, all it takes, is an openness and commitment to wanting to release the old, constrictive thoughts and open to the spacious, loving ones. The rest of the puzzle is given to you by the universe, leading you to places and people, who will deepen this experience for you--until it becomes you.

My day is set out before me like a blank canvas, and I, the genius creator that I am, yes, I did say genius! I do not set myself apart, however. We are all genius creators. We just have to challenge what it looks like to be a genius. I, myself, define the word, as someone who is deeply committed to aligning their thoughts with Source energy, and letting creation flow through them in their own unique way, with their own unique voice. I believe that an enlightened society is one where everyone lives together flowing with their heart's desire, sharing the gifts that are unique to them.

I remember now, and my heart glows. It is so easy to get back to peace now, because it is becoming familiar to me, and the discomfort is being overridden by the peace. (Although, I have had moments when I've been a little scared by the newness of this thinking, having the feeling that I'm doing something crazy like getting really drunk and dancing on the tables while stripping down--but you get used to it!)

I am realizing more and more that I don't need to keep grounding myself in flight, just to make sure the ground is still there. It is an illusion that I can't fly all the time.

Let's fly together, into this new paradigm, where the only thing that matters is lifting up others and ourselves. Let's open our spirit eyes to the truth: there is nothing but beauty.

Here is an example: my body. It has always felt imperfect, even at the moments it was perfectly healthy and fit. I never remember a time when I thought that I was physically perfect just as I was. I always wanted to be thinner, thinner, thinner. But I've realized every time I've gained weight, that I wish I could be at the previous weight, because I really wasn't that bad. Then I gain more, and wish I could be at the previous weight, which is well above what I would have accepted before...and so on.

I can see that I have never accurately been able to see my body, thin or fat. My notion of fat is relative to my previous weights, and even to the weights of others around me. I look thin compared to some, and fat compared to others. So, if I can't see properly, and if there is no chance to see in any kind of accurate fashion, because one doesn't exist, (you might argue that I check out the BMI, but my thinking is already far outside of any structures that have been implemented by the physical world, because logic tells me, that if I can't see, then neither can the entities that have put these formulas/dogmas into being--and they contribute to further suffering and comparing!) Hold on to your hat! Because all thought unravels at this place. And in this, we find freedom.

Our spirit eyes open to see the beauty, that we CAN'T see with our physical eyes from a physical perspective, and then it all changes. The landscape is beautiful, but strange and new.

Then we extrapolate this experience to our physical one, and find that every person is beautiful just where they are. No change needed. From this comes certain truths: I cannot know anything about another person, enough to judge them in any way, because I can't see with my physical eyes. Because I cannot judge, I can only come back to my own experience--but wait, if I can't judge another, I can't judge myself! BECAUSE I CAN'T SEE! Yipeeeeeeeee!

From this realization, I step forth grounded into my existence, knowing that all of it is perfect, just as it is.

Good morning, little Brooke, and all of you out there. It is going to be a wonderful day! (I think I will have my favorite ice cream for breakfast!)


  1. Your insights and words continue to ignite my soul! freedom and bliss, two of my favorite words.

  2. "The light has become familiar, and the place I'd rather be." This is where it's at and "It is so easy to get back to peace now, because it is becoming familiar to me." This is cause to celebrate!!! Keep it coming, girl!

  3. Every woman is focused on her weight and apparency.It's normal to have the preoccupaing thoughts about the exterior world and about ourselves in this world. Although, the capacity that you have to reconcile body with soul is a gift. You tried and got your "lifting up"...


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