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The Birth

Photo by Lyn
This blog is born at a time when a physical, a mental, and a spiritual gestation has amply lived within me, lovingly nurtured along in protected space for some duration, held in time by the rhythm and the weight of my step, and the privacy of my mind. But as all creations do, it has become too big for me to carry, and its ripeness brings on tidal pains of labor as it begs to enter into another dimension; one that knows that what is shared lives in all of us.

I have had no desire to blog until this moment. I have watched the blogfest like I would a parade, from the sidelines, with the comfort of knowing that I would never set foot on a cartoon float, throwing out candy and waving elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist, wrist; happy to feel separate from the moving caravan of pageantry that everyone was so excited about.

I was always happy when the parades were over, and did my best to suppress the odd sensations that I was missing something grand in the experience, and that I should genuinely want to be among the throngs of people who would actually camp over night to reserve their spot. Yes, that has been blogging for me...until now.

I wouldn't say that I have joined the parade, rather it would be more accurate to say that, I have joined myself. On my own terms I have come to this moment in time. Merely my wish has been to be open, and in that openness has this been made palatable. And I have been open. Ahhhhh, O p e n .

I have been open to saying yes, when I would have said no. I have been open to saying no when I would have felt obligated to say yes. So, in essence, I have come home to me, which means that I have come home to you, my reader-- and I continue to come home to you as the ever present illusion that makes each of us feel so separate unravels with great speed. With new vision I know that my words are your words, my experiences are your experiences, and that meeting you as I meet myself, with my words, my thoughts, and my Be-ing is what is real, and only what is real.

It is a small price to pay for admission to the heart of Source.

And so I hold my pregnant soul, feeling it swollen and ready to burst forth with creation, and I offer it to you. I offer that which was conceived from many unlikely places, pathways of brokenness, many wrong turns, or so it seemed; suffering and my damned hardest to be right--but always a steadfast desire to perceive the beauty I sensed lurking beneath it all. Who knew the beauty would be so strange?

I offer my words to you as I understand that none of this creation is supposed to be done alone. None of it.

And what was missing at the parades was that I, nor you, belonged on the sidelines; and the steady stream of color was never meant to fashion itself single-file in that way. And so this is my boldness of spirit to move into step with the music, and march to the beat, taking you with me as I run down this wild road-- together now, down the streets paved in light. We feel the abundance. We cut through the illusion to find real.

Run with me.

In this we give birth together--to oneness, to the miracle of finding the surprise of wholeness, finally unobscured--and it leaves us breathless.

I breathe and my body fills.

Breathe with me.

My lungs expand and contract. My thoughts jump up and down, and I let my guardian heart choose the ones that will take root in the preciousness of my soul.

Another breath, and it is the spirit that takes its fill. And it is here my mind finds liberation. Let the spirit expand and feel no bounds here, expanding, expanding, c'mon, further now! Take yourself outside of it and go a little more-- and there before us, do you see it? Truth is sown as effortlessly as seeds on the wind.

Feel it. Feeeel it.

Take me to silent mind and I live off this land through all of my senses...all that is real. Only the experience of it can bear any witness. Spiraling upward there is the breath of the body and of the spirit, coming together as one, in Totality. No longer separate, only oneness, but never the need for it.

And the mind takes new shape. What was, is no longer true, and in that there can only be another experience of it all together; of physical form, of mind, and of the binding force of spirit.

I give birth to a new world within me, and within you.

Hold my hand, and I automatically hold yours.

Let's run together, wild and free.


  1. Wow, my friend, this is so deep and beautiful. I think i'd have to read it a few dozen times to get all that's here.

    I'm so glad you have another place to share your beautiful, brave, loving, creative will touch so many.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh, you are amazing! I loved every word, and I love you...thank you for being you and for your beauty.


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